More Support & Services

Support and services for faculty, staff and students are listed below.

Animal Care

The Studley Animal Care Facility is located in the Life Sciences Centre. There is a part-time surgery technician associated with this Animal Care Facility.
Animal Care Steve Price (902) 494-3433  
Surgery Veronica Baker (902) 494-6425 Veronica.Baker@Dal.Ca  

Basin and Reservoir Analysis Laboratory

  Grant Wach (902) 494-8019 Grant.Wach@Dal.Ca  

Biology Stores

  Rod Stewart (902) 494-3580 Rod.Stewart@Dal.Ca  

Chemistry Stores

Chemicals, glassware and miscellaneous lab supplies/consumables.  
  Cathy Ryan (902) 494-3319 Cathy.Ryan@Dal.Ca  
  Barry Moore (902) 494-3319 Barry.Moore@Dal.Ca  


Microcomputer and network support, software design and support
 for IBMs and Macs.  
IBM Computing Gino Ranieri (902) 494-2376
  Thomas Duffett (902) 494-3777 Thomas.Duffett@Dal.Ca  
Mac Computing Kassiem Jacobs (902) 494-6501  

Core and Rock Repository and Teaching Facility

  Tom Duffett (902) 494-3777 Macduff@Dal.Ca  

Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility

  John Gosse
(902) 494-6632 John.Gosse@Dal.Ca  
  Guang Yang
(902) 494-1211 GYang@Dal.Ca  

Cryogenics/Liquid Nitrogen

Liquified helium, nitrogen and air and vacuum technology.  
  Kevin Borgel (902) 494-2317  Kevin.Borgel@Dal.Ca  
  Mike Boutilier
(902) 494-3336 Mike.Boutilier@Dal.Ca  

Crystal Isolation Lab

  Isabelle Coutand
(902) 494-7827 ICoutand@Dal.Ca  
  Tom Duffett (902) 494-3777 Macduff@Dal.Ca  

Electron Microprobe

Microprobe instruction and associated services.  
  Robert MacKay (902) 494-7087

Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy instruction and associated services.
  Ping Li (902) 494-3309 



Design, construction, repair and maintenance of electronics.  
  Jim Chisholm (902) 494-3449 Jim.Chisholm@Dal.Ca  
  Chris Wright (902) 494-3351
  Michael Gonzales
(902) 494-3709 Michael.Gonzales@Dal.Ca  

Experimental Petrology Laboratory

  Yana Fedortchouk
(902) 494-8432 Yana@Dal.Ca  

Facility for Stream Chemistry and Hydrology

  Shannon Sterling
(902) 494-7741 Shannon.Sterling@Dal.Ca  

Geophysical and GIS Support

Computer analysis of data.  
  Charles Walls (902) 494-3705

Glass Blowing

Design, construction, modification and repair
 of glass.  
  Todd Carter
(902) 494-3826 Todd.Carter@Dal.Ca  


A space for growing and maintaining plants.  
  Carman Mills (902) 494-6537 Carman.Mills@Dal.Ca  

High Pressure Seismic Velocity Laboratory

A high pressure research facility to study the seismic properties of rocks at pressures and temperatures equivalent to those in the Earth's crust and upper mantle. 
  Robert Luliucci (902) 494-3330


Low Temperature Thermochronology Laboratory

  Isabelle Coutand
(902) 494-7827 ICoutand@Dal.Ca  


Carpentry, machining, pipefitting, welding and more.  
  Cecil (Bud) Eisener (902) 494-3351
  Kevin Borgel (902) 494-2317 Kevin.Borgel@Dal.Ca  
  John Noddin (902) 494-2318 JNoddin@Dal.Ca  
  Mike Boutilier (902) 494-3336 Mike.Boutilier@Dal.Ca  

Micropaleontology Laboratory

  David Scott
(902) 494-3604 DBScott@Dal.Ca  

Marine Core Storage and Analysis Facility

  David Scott
(902) 494-3604 DBScott@Dal.Ca  

Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry services are available
  Xiao Feng (902) 494-1663
  Keith Taylor (902) 494-2360

Metals and Ceramics

Preparation of high purity metals, metal alloys and ceramics.  
  Andrew George (902) 494-3596


Instruction on use of light optical instruments
  Carey Isenor
(902) 494-2553 Carey.Isenor@Dal.Ca  

Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

  Djordje Grujic (902) 494-2208 DGrujic@Dal.Ca  

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Services

  Mike Lumsden (902) 494-1635 Mike.Lumsden@Dal.Ca  

Patterns Numerical and Analogue Modelling Laboratory

  Lawrence Plug
(902) 494-1200 Lawrence.Plug@Dal.Ca  


Photographic, photomacrographic and photomicroscopic services
  Carey Isenor
(902) 494-2553 Carey.Isenor@Dal.Ca  

Robert M. MacKay Electron Microprobe Laboratory

  Dan MacDonald (902) 494-7087 DN371300@Dal.Ca  

Scientific Diving and Boat Safety Officer

Training for scientific diving and the use of small boats to support SCUBA diving and the collection of scientific data and marine specimens.  
  John Lindley
(902) 494-2090 John.Lindley@Dal.Ca  

Seismic Analysis and Modelling Laboratory

  Mladen Nedimovic
(902) 494-4524 Mladen@Dal.Ca  

Seismic Analysis and Modelling Laboratory

  Mladen Nedimovic
(902) 494-4524 Mladen@Dal.Ca  

Statistical Consulting Service

  Lihui Liu (902) 494-8850  

Tectonic Analogue Modelling Laboratory

  Djordje Grujic (902) 494-2208 DGrujic@Dal.Ca  

Thin Sections

Thin-section preparation.  
  Gordon Brown (902) 494-2561

Unix Administrator

UNIX Administrator Balagopal Pillai
 is available for support.  
  Balagopal Pillai (902) 494-3204


X-ray Diffraction

  Andrew George (902) 494-3596

Stan Cameron

(single crystal & powder)

(902) 494-3759
  Grant Wach (902) 494-8019 Grant.Wach@Dal.Ca