Guidelines, Forms & Procedures

Faculty of Science Rules & Procedures  

The Faculty of Science Rules and Procedures document (PDF) outlines rules for meetings; regulations concerning officers of the faculty; terms of reference for faculty council, standing committees and unit review committees; policy on research overhead; policy on appointments funded by outside sources; promotion and tenure; Killam Faculty of Science prizes; and appointments of chairs, deans, associate and assistant deans. Last updated June 2017.

Forms & Policies for Faculty

Annual Report

Review/submit annual reports online.

Tenure Guidelines

Guidelines and criteria [pdf] for tenure.

Travel Application

Application form [pdf] for conference travel support from the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) Travel Fund.

Forms & Guidelines for Undergraduate Courses & Programs

Course Syllabus

Guidelines for Faculty of Science course syllabi. Available in two parts:

  1. Course Syllabus - Required Elements [pdf] (list of elements to be included in course syllabus). Last updated 5-June-2017

  2. Syllabus Supplement - Policies & Student Resources [pdf] (approved statements of university policies (e.g., academic integrity, accessibility) and links to student resources and services (e.g., advising, writing centre, health services, safety documents). Last updated 5-June-2017

General Calendar Change Procedure

General guidelines (pdf) for making curricular and calendar changes in the Faculty of Science

New Course form

Guidelines and form [pdf] for proposing a new Faculty of Science course

Course change form

Guidelines and form [pdf] for submitting a course change request.




Procedures for proposing a new undergraduate program and form for requesting a change to an existing program [same pdf]

Forms & Policies for Your Students

Research and Travel

Undergraduate research opportunities (including USRAs, summer scholarships) [web]

Undergraduate conference travel fund [web]  


Policy on exams held out of class [pdf]

Award for Excellence in Teaching Nomination

Nominate a professor or instructor for the Excellence in Teaching Award. Download the nomination form.


Note: Posted forms are fillable pdf format. Fillable forms are available in WORD format from your Faculty of Science Curriculum Committee departmental representative.