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Undergrad Courses

Students enrolled in the Environmental Science Program take a variety of courses in environmental studies. They choose their other courses from a wide range of departments across campus, depending on their chosen degree program.

From here you can also look at real examples of student lab projects, thesis projects, or learn more about field school or internship placements:

Detailed descriptions for the following courses are linked below: 

ENVS 1100.03         Foundations of Environmental Science: ecosphere, resources & sustainability
ENVS 1200.03         Current Environmental Challenges: Analysis and Solutions
ENVS 2000.03         Urban Field School 
ENVS 2100.03         Environmental Informatics
ENVS 2310.03         Energy and the Environment
ENVS 2410.03         Environmental Issues in Earth Sciences
ENVS 3000.03         Environmental Science Internship
ENVS 3001.03         Environmental Science Field School
ENVS 3200.03         Introduction to Environmental Law
ENVS 3217.03         Economic Botany, Herbals and Medicinals
ENVS 3225.03         Plants in the Human Landscape
ENVS 3226.03         Economic Botany, Plants and Civilization
ENVS 3300.03         Contaminated Site Management
ENVS 3301.03         Enterprise Sustainability
ENVS 3400.03         Environment and Human Health
ENVS 3500.03         Exploring Geographic Information Systems 
ENVS 3501.03         Environmental Problem Solving I
ENVS 3502.03         Environmental Problem Solving II: The Campus as a Living Laboratory 
ENVS 3601.03         Global Biogeochemical Cycles
ENVS 3615.03         Methods in Ecology
ENVS 3632.03         Applied Methods in Fish Ecology 
ENVS 3701.03         Fundamentals of Hydrology
ENVS 3801.03         Directed Readings in Environmental Science
ENVS 4001.03         Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVS 4002.03         The Science of Wetland Ecosystems
ENVS 4003.03         Coral Reefs and Environmental Change
ENVS 4004.03         Pathways to Sustainable Energy
ENVS 4210.03         Environmental Law II: Natural Justice and Unnatural Acts 
ENVS 4220.03         International Environmental Law for Scientists
ENVS 4901.03         Honours Thesis Part A
ENVS 4902.03         Honours Thesis Part B
ENVS 4950.03         Advanced Topics in Environmental Science
ENVS 8891.00         Co-op Work Term 1
ENVS 8892.00         Co-op Work Term 2 
ENVS 8893.00         Co-op Work Term 3
ENVS 8894.00         Co-op Work Term 4