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Past Interns and Projects

ENVS 3000.03 Environmental Science Internship

The Environmental Science Internship class (ENVS 3000.03) is an opportunity to apply your knowledge and acquire new skills in the field of environmental science.

Students have taken on internships since 2005 with a variety of organizations. The table below lists some examples of past interns and their projects:

Year Student Sponsoring Agency Topic
2016 Emily Febrey Clean Nova Scotia Student Intern- Sustainability Education Department
2016 Pitchakon Padungdetpasuton Sierra Club Canada Foundation Development of a researched outreach document on the impacts of the Donkin Coal mine.
2016 Josh Pye ECELAW Supporting ECELAW staff in researching National Energy Board public consultation process.
2016 Tyson Shushkewich

McIntosh Run Watershed Association

Comparison study looking at invertebrates present in the river.
2016 Sarah Sutton Global Vision International Marine Conservation Intern learning to identify the various species and learning how to take measurements underwater as well as an introduction to marine conservation.
2016 Caitlin Tonner SILK Lab Research Associate analyzing global positioning system tracking data;  qualitative coding interview transcripts; integration analysis of qualitative interview and GPS tracking data; publication writing.
2015 Rylie Arnell Sierra Club Atlantic Helping research the impacts of shipping in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Blue Whales.
2015 Caitlin Carmichael Ecology Action Centre Micro-Energy and Green Building Communications Office handling the outreach, logistics and publicity for the Groucho Fractal shows.
2015 Camille Dumulon-Lauziere Atlantic Chapter Sierra Club Work on developing environmental education program. writing op-ed and creating awareness on environmental education.
2015 Kathleen Short International Ocean Institute Deputy Simulation Coordinator assisting with the simulation development before and during the training programme.
2014 Brogan Curruthers Dalhousie School of Resource and Environmental Studies
Helping research the contribution of pollinators in food production, sustainable food practices and the use of LCA in analyzing food systems.
2014 Andrew Cavan Conestoga-Rovers and Associates EA and ESA, report writing, environmental baseline studies, surface water and groundwater studies.
2014 Marley Geddes Dalhousie Hydrology lab, the Maria Brook liming project Take water samples of the Maria Brook to monitor changes in pH, metals and DOC and  communicate with Blue Nose Coastal Action Foundation   
2014 Emma Halupka CERC.OCEAN lab OceanViewer.org project "designed to narrow the gap between Ocean Data Providers and end-users" using ocean
monitoring systems.
2014 Scott Holgren ENVS Dalhousie University (Susan Gass) Putting a report together on data collected by ENVS 1000 students and background research on ENVS 1000 case studies
2014 Rachel Kovacs-DaCosta V2 Volunteer and Vacation Responsible for marketing and communication: creating a blog about sustainable travel and volunteering, other social media, and helping to coordinate events
2014 Damian Mosher Sierra Club Canada Foundation Social media, blogging, organization, promotion involving the Sierra Club and HRM  
2014 Brynn Roach Dalhousie University- School for Resource and Environmental Studies

Urban forestry field work assistant doing tree measurements and updating the data base for the HRM Urban Forest Plan. 

2014 Robin Seanor-Monette Sustainability Office

Audit all computer labs on Dalhousie Campuses to formulate an energy targets and determine if computers (or whole labs) could be phased out.

2014 Rachel Shin Burncoat Park Association Research assistant researching native fauna and flora of the Burncoat Head Park area, along with studying other unique site characteristics and creating an information guide for tourists to the area.
2014 Raja Ubhi East Coast Environmental Law Research Intern developing species at risk documents; building and compiling an environmental Enforcement Report, and attending workshops/conferences.
2013 Christine Angelidis International Student Volunteers Wildlife Conservation or Environmental Management in Costa Rica
2013 Jie Ma Nova Scotia Agricultural College To assist Dr. Kevany to complete the pilot study "Agriculture, Food and Well-being".
2012 Tracey Leask White Shark Agency Shark and fish tagging/diving, photo identification, beach clean up, tree planting, community education, data collection, boat and equipment maintenance."
2012 Michael Kean Whitehead Lab Research assistant/Crew with the research team to track and gather data on a population of sperm whales located on the leeward side of Dominica.
2012 Shea Cochrane Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources" Collected and analyzed data to describe the condition and dynamics of the red spruce stands at Cape Chignecto.
2011 Simon Greenland-Smith School for Resource and Environmental Studies Transcribe interviews with farmers; literature review  and preparation of a final paper
2011 Jeremy Corbin Blue World Data collector and analyzer for Adriatic Dolphin Project
2011 Meghan Larson Sustainable Cities International Research and write a sustainable procurement policy for Sustainable Cities International
2011 Keren Lifshitz Ecology Action Centre School Garden Resource Intern
2011 Sarah Lindsay Protected Lands Department of Environment Search for and document vernal pools, wetland invertebrate inventory
2011 Katherine MacKenzie Community Counts (Government) Prepare a vital signs report on the province
2011 Robin McCullough Clean Nova Scotia(Ship to Shore project) Environmental Economist Intern
2011 Heather Semotiuk Janis Rod Environmental Consulting Carbon footprint analysis for Heritage Gas
2011 Emily Stewart International Ocean Institute - Canada  
2011 Sonya Tancock Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation Lahave River Watershed Project Monitoring and Education Lead
2011 Brett Weddle Saint Mary's University Green roof research assistant
2011 Michelle Weger Ecology Action Center, Marine Division Collecting and analyzing data regarding government sponsorship for marine sites in Atlantic Canada
2011 David Verbeek Ecology Action Centre Morris Project Intern
2010 Scott Aucoin Parks Canada Habitat mapping of lakes, environmental assessments of moose populations and fresh water mussels
2010 Jeremy Corbin Blue World Data collector and analyzer for Adriatic Dolphin Project
2010 Sonia Grant Ecology Action Centre Create zines about urban gardening/help with the Food Action Committee retreat
2010 Haley Guest Eco-Volunteer UP Conservation & Bear Research Volunteer
2010 Lauren Isabelle Sable Island Preservation Trust Review of the Trust's activities
2010 Meghan Larson Dalhousie University

Green Perspectives Editor

2010 Sohyun Lee Operation Wallacea Hoga Marine Research Station Research Assistant
2010 Kaleigh McGregor-Bales Ecology Action Centre

Connecting Feed Nova Scotia with extra produce from community gardens; coordinating workshops on urban gardening

2010 Rachel McPherson-Duncan International Ocean Institute IOI Intern
2010 Kit Milnes Eclogy Action Centre Conduct research and raise awareness on destructive fishing practices and promote alternatives
2010 Phuong (Philip) Ong Eclogy Action Centre Goods Miles Researcher
2010 Chris Payne Ecology Action Centre Nature/forest walk co-organizer and guide
2010 Lisa Radzikowski Clean Nova Scotia Climate Change Action Centre Presenter
2010 Tristan Sbrizzi Sierra Club Canada Water Coordinator
2010 Alexandra Vance WWF Canada  
2010 Molly Warner Just Us Development and Education Society (JUDES) Student Volunteer
2010 Jonathan Weinberg HRM Traffic & Right of Way Services GIS work for bike routes around the Halifax Peninsula
2009 Greg Bathe Agri-food Canada, Institute of Food Technologists, EAC  
2009 Jonathan Carty Ecology Action Centre - Solargain Perform energy audits on homes; possibily learning how to install solar water heaters .
2009 Kaley Cochrane Ecology Action Centre - Solargain  Perform energy audits on homes; possibily learning how to install solar water heaters .
2009 Anthony Heggelin McIntosh Run Watershed Association (MRWA) Freshwater Invertebrate Survey of McIntosh Run
2009 Danielle Horne Ecology Action Centre Developing a series of public educational hikes and educational material on Acadian Forest Ecology and Forestry Practices
2009 Renee Huntley Ecology Action Centre Tidal Lagoon Project Researcher
2009 Luke Miller Parks Canada Species At Risk Program Assistant
2009 Kit Milnes Ecology Action Centre: Wind Energy Working Group Wind Energy Researcher
2009 Emily Rideout Sierra Club Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter Cool Cities Coordinator & Water Watchers Coordinator
2009 Rolanda Steenweg Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station Research Assistant
2009 Christiane Verstraten Ecology Action Centre Research alternatives to clearcutting
2008 Spencer Fowlie Clean Nova Scotia Idling Researcher
2008 Emily Eck Dalhousie Environmental Programmes Student Society Editor in Chief for Green Perspectives
2008 Falicia Feres Ecology Action Centre CHP Policy Researcher
2008 Miranda McQuade Ecology Action Centre Assisting the Outreach Coordinator with varioius fundraising initiatives
2008 Karen Mrema Clean Nova Scotia Assisting with the development of an educational campaign at Saint Mary's University.
2008 Kaite Rancier Sierra Club of Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter Education Program Intern
2007 Glenn Blake Greenpeace Intensive work on a Greenpeace campaign based in DC
2007 Carole Daigle Parks Canada Species At Risk Research Assistant: Eastern Ribbonsnake Research; Hatchling Turtle Tracking.
2007 Livia Goodbrand Parks Canada Putting together a synopsis of work being done in the maritime parks on piping plovers.
2007 Martina Jakubchick-Paloheima Clean Nova Scotia- The Climate Change Center Programme Project Manager of the campus friendly living campaign.
2007 Heather Reed Parks Canada Species at Risk Research Assistant: Tracking Hatchling Turtles; Plover Habitat Restoration; Habitat Change on turtle beaches; Overwintering Site Sampling.
2007 Kendra Sauerteig Slow Food Nova Scotia Heritage Apple Variety Researcher/Database Creator
2007 Jason Couse The Sustainable Living Network Learning the basics of permaculture design to help apply energy conservation on a larger scale through the use of urban agriculture and responsible consumption.
2007 Sascha Garrey N.S. Department of Finance, Economics & Statistics Environmental Economist Intern: complete a scan of what environmental indicators are available for Nova Scotia from federal-provincial-municipal governemnt sources.
2007 Meghan Lambert Ecology Action Centre Variety of marine related tasks.
2006 Rebecca Tye Ecology Action Centre Native Tree Spree Project Coordinator


Allison Dubé

Canadian Wildlife Service

Beach clean up and plover awareness.


Erin Danielson

Dalhousie Environmental Programmes

Editor of Environmental Programs student journal, Green Perspectives


Kathryn Cooper

AMEC Earth and Environmental

Junior Environmental Scientist


Stacey Fraser

World Wildlife Fund

Working on the endangered species recovery plan for the North Atlantic Right Whale.


Adam Popper

University of King's College Journalism School

Editor of the Campus Sustainability Guide


Sara Withrow

HRM Environmental Management Services

Researching and writing best management practices for HRM involving surface water contamination.


Michael White

Department of Environment and Labour (Air Quality Branch)

Distribute materials for anti-idling campaign, prepare reports on industrial and jurisdictional air monitoring


Victoria Woolfrey

World Wildlife Fund

Marine Conservation Gap Analysis


Alice Morgan

Ecology Action Centre

Coastal Issues Committee


Doug Mitchell

Ecology Action Centre

Sustainable Fisheries (research regulations on dragging)


Sasha Liston

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Species at Risk Project


Carmen Lishman

Students on Ice (SOI)

Eco-education Program for young adults:"Are we losing touch with nature?"


Julia Kemp

Ecology Action Centre

Food Action Committee (FAC) Food Mile Research Project


Andrew Holloway

Nova Scotia Public Interest Group (NSPIRG)-DAL

Environmental justice research


Becky Francis

Clean Nova Scotia

Water Issues (Septic Systems)


Erin Balser

Environmental Programmes, Dalhousie University

Editor of Environmental Programmes student journal, "Green Perspectives"