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Why Study Here?

We offer flexible degree programs

Dalhousie's Environmental Science Program offer a broad range of degree options to suit diverse interests. Major in Environmental Science and make it your main academic focus. Combine it in a double major with Community Design or any Arts and Social Sciences program, such as International Development Studies. Opt for a minor in Environmental Studies if you're enrolled in Arts, Science or Computer Science -- or a concentration if you're taking Management. Explore our program options to learn more.

Discover a lively city with small town charm

Halifax is a great place to study. The coastal city has a progressive outlook on environmental questions, from banning pesticide use to encouraging citizens to compost and recycle. The urban settings and Nova Scotian wilderness will inspire you -- you'll conduct field studies in nearby forests, marshes, rivers and city parks.

Make a difference today and for future generations

The world is waking up to the importance of preserving and protecting our environment. Many challenges are involved in meeting the needs of the growing human population while sustaining the survival of other species. Dalhousie's Environmental Science Program encourages you to explore the environment from a variety of perspectives -- scientific, political, cultural, ethical, and historical. You can make it your main focus of study or combine it with other programs.