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Introduction for March 2018 issue of EconMatters

Posted by Economics on March 7, 2018 in News

This issue of EconMatters is packed with diverse entries. We are fortunate to have an energetic and thoughtful student society, DUESA: their beautifully illustrated entry gives a glimpse of the activities they organize. Connor Beer (2017, BSc. Honours in Economics) tells his fascinating story about learning how to conduct research, benefitting from it beyond a particular course, and now expanding this research in policy making. David Pringle (1996, BA Honours in Economics and IDS), in his warmly written piece, recounts how two Dalhousie professors, both now deceased, have shaped his thinking of economic issues and problems. Methodological disagreements are not unique to economics, and David's piece reminds us that sometimes both sides may have something useful to offer. Ian McAllister has touched the lives of many students at Dalhousie and beyond. He was awarded an honorary degree by Dalhusie University in Spring 2015. His convocation speech is tremendously inspiring. Ian articulates the convictions of many of our faculty who believe that universities are not defined as institutions which simply balance their financial books and indoctrinate their students with shallow paradigms of self-interest and cut-throat individualism.

Talan Iscan
Professor and Chair
Department of Economics