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Why Study Here?

Why are some people rich and others poor? Why is the global climate changing? What determines the growth rate, productivity and economic well-being of nations? What (if anything) should we do?

The study of economics is fundamental for an understanding of society’s challenges and for the design of efficient and equitable responses. Economists analyze how people make choices under conditions of scarcity and the results of those choices for society.

Part of the fascination of the discipline is its breadth of concerns — as  J.M. Keynes remarked: "The master-economist must combine talents (and) be mathematician, historian, statesman and philosopher — in some degree."

Students in Dalhousie’s Faculty of Economics have a variety of opportunities for study and research including co-operative education and exchange programs at foreign universities. Throughout the school year, the department also hosts weekly seminars that provide opportunities to share research and ideas with our colleagues both from within Dalhousie and from around the world.