Directed Readings Courses

ERTH 4510.03 and ERTH 4511.03

Coordinated by the Undergraduate Advisor and approved by the Chair of Earth Sciences.

The Directed Readings courses in Earth Sciences provide an opportunity for students to pursue independent studies on topics of interest in Earth Sciences where these are not otherwise offered in the curriculum. The student (or a group of students) must identify a professor or professors to supervise the course. Typically, those will be professors who conduct research in an area related to the topic. A professor may or may not agree to supervise such a course. 

Common Formats of the course; (i) directed reading and writing of a review paper, (ii) a research project, comparable to that involved in honours research, (iii) a group of students might get together and organize a course, asking one or more professors to participate, and (iv) other formats may be considered.

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