Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate study in Earth Sciences is a rewarding experience that can lead to careers as a professional geoscientist, to further study in an MSc or PhD, as a complement to other degree program at Dalhousie, or simply to satisfying a desire to understand the planet that is our home.

Dalhousie's Earth Science department is friendly and small enough that most students and faculty are on a first-name basis, yet has exceptional research and training capabilities. We emphasize learning through Field Schools in Nova Scotia and beyond, in addition to the classroom and lab. Further information on our undergraduate offerings can be found at the following links:

·         Undergraduate degree requirements

·         Honours

·         Professional Registration

·         Earth Sciences Course Offerings

·         Elective courses

A comprehensive listing of general degree requirements and courses is available in the Dalhousie Undergraduate Calendar, including requirements and programs specific to Earth Sciences.  Selecting between the multiple degree programs and courses available depends on your goals.