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Awards & Prizes

The Earth Sciences department gives a number of annual awards and prizes to our faculty and students. Candidates are considered for these awards according to their eligibility according to the criteria below.

This MacEachern - Ponsford Memorial Award is to be made on the recommendation of the Chair of the Earth Sciences Department after consultation with the Dawson Geology Club and the staff of the department, to a student who has excelled in field school and has completed the second year of a program majoring in Geology, whose academic performance is of honours calibre, and who has been an active participant in student activities.

The Michael J. Keen Memorial Award is an annual award to a female student in the second year of the earth sciences programme

The G. V. Douglas Memorial Award is awarded to the outstanding student in the Geology I class, as that would would have been defined by Douglas. What Douglas sought, and considered outstanding was the "good all round man", a leader who was physically and mentally active. Though his outstanding student had a very respectable academic record, he/she did NOT necessarily have the highest marks in the class. Douglas looked also for participation in the affairs of the university, in outdoor activities, and for an interest in national and intellectual affairs. Above all, he looked for original and critical thought, and for clear and concise communication thereof.

The David Barlow Memorial Award was established to provide an endowed award to be presented annually to a student in the second year of the Geology (Earth Sciences) Program.

The Best Thesis Award is given annually to the the best undergraduate thesis.

The Best Thesis Presentation Award is given to the undergraduate student with the best thesis presentation.

The James L. Hall Scholarship is a scholarship shared with the Faculty of engineering and is awarded every other year to an Earth Sciences undergraduate.

The Professor of the Year Award is given every year to the professor who, in the opinion of the students and colleagues, has done the most outstanding job in teaching, supervising, leading, or contributing in any way to the education of Earth Science students.