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Dal Earth Sciences at AGS

The AGS 2014 Colloquium, was held February 7-9, 2014. Dalhousie Earth Sciences faculty and student made a strong showing this year.  


Our faculty and students presented a number of posters in various fields of interest.

Environmental Geoscience
Heavy metal concentrations in residential soils within the Halifax Peninsula, Nova Scotia: A pilot study
Jeff Minichiello, Laura-Ann Broom, Victoria DesJardins, Jennifer Archibald & Anne Marie Ryan.

Rob Raeside Best Undergraduate Poster Award

Geology offshore south eastern Canada
Assessment of the “Passey method” for discrimination of organic-rich intervals in wells from Offshore Newfoundland (Canada)
Alexander Harnett, Ricardo Silva & Grant Wach.

General Session
The possible role of the petroleum system in the metallogenesis of gold in Meguma metaturbidites: geochemical investigation in the Touquoy deposit, Moose River, Nova Scotia
Ian Borg, Marcos Zentilli, Milton Graves & Tim Bourque

Development and collapse of the Pliocene western Canadian Arctic coastal plain

Lea Braschi, Thomas Lakeman, Natalia Rybczynski, Guang Yang & John Gosse

Graham Williams Best Graduate Student Poster Award

An exhumation history of Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Canada derived from low-temperature thermochronology and 3D thermokinematic modeling
Gabriel Creason, John Gosse, David Whipp, Mike Young & Roman Kislitsyn

Carbon capture and storage: Overview, reservoir options, and future possibilities
J. Haynes & G. Wach

An investigation into UV fluorescence in feldspar group minerals

Natasha Morrison & Richard Cox

Using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) to validate the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) in the reconstruction of internal rock from braided channel deposits; an example from the Lower Wolfville Formation, Minas Subbasin, Nova Scotia
Darragh O'Connor & Grant Wach

Multiple sclerosis and geology: Is there a correlation?
Naomi Plummer & Grant Wach


Our faculty and students presented a number of talks in various fields of interest.

Environmental Geoscience
Jeff Minichiello, Sarah Ambrose, Shannon Sterling & Tom Clair
Increasing concentrations in aluminum in southwest Nova Scotia from 1980 to present

Current Research in Atlantic Canada – mineral deposits, structural geology, tectonics
Deirdre Mallyon & Djordje Grujic
Tectonic and climatic controls of growth and shape of the Himalayan foreland fold and thrust belt: a numerical study

Research at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs: Celebrating five years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
A. Ielpi, M.R. Gibling, A.R. Bashforth, C. Lally, M.C. Rygel & S. Al-Silwadi
The role of vegetation in shaping the architecture of an Early Pennsylvanian braided river: the Boss Point Formation of Atlantic Canada

Carlos Wong and Grant Wach
Reservoir Characterization and Forest Density of the Joggins Formation, Joggins, Nova Scotia

Geology offshore southeastern Canada with a focus on the Nova Scotia margin
Taylor Campbell & Grant Wach
Seismic Stratigraphy and Attribute Analysis of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic of the Penobscot Area, Offshore Nova Scotia

Palaeontology in Atlantic Canada
Leigh van Drecht, Martin Gibling and Tim Fedak
Sedimentology and paleoenvironment of an Early Jurassic dinosaur bone bed at Wasson Bluff, Parrsboro, NS

Colin Price, Martin Gibling & Tim Fedak
Lithofacies of the Early Jurassic vertebrate-bearing Scots Bay Member at Wasson Bluff, Nova Scotia

Current Research in Atlantic Canada – mineralogy, igneous and metamorphic geology
Zhihai Zhang, Yana Fedortchouk & Jacob Hanley
Mantle metasomatism: constraints from surface features on diamonds from nature and etched in experiments

Rachel Milligan, Yana Fedortchouk, Richard Cox & Ingrid Chinn
Examination of surface features on kimberlitic iron-titanium oxide minerals

Siobhan McGoldrick, Becky Jamieson, Luke Ootes & Valerie Jackson
Petrology and geochemistry of ca. 2680 Ma pillow lavas at Sharrie Lake, southern Slave Province, Northwest Territories

Current Research in Atlantic Canada – surficial and sedimentary geology
A Margreth, J Gosse & A.S. Dyke
Complex cold-based glacier coverage histories and timing of last glacial plucking of tors on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island, Eastern Canadian Arctic