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Honours Students

BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Concentrated Honours in Earth Sciences

Erin Anderson The diagenetic changes across erosional boundaries in the Triassic Wolfville Formation and their impact on fluid flow  Grant Wach
Carolina Chang Thermal history of the Nova Scotian margin: preliminary insights from (U-Th)/He and fission track thermochronology Isabelle Coutand
Njillan Forbes Experimental study of development of positive trigons on diamond  Yana Fedortchouk
Samantha Hamilton Biostratigraphy, chemical analysis, and δ18O and δ13C isotope analysis of the Upper Silurian Arisaig Group, Nova Scotia  Richard Cox
Fiona Henderson Protocols for Prediction and Potential Mitigation of Metals in Soils within Halifax, NS.  Anne-Marie Ryan
Corin Jorgenson Solubility of sulfur in carbonatites, with implications for mass transfer of precious metals in the mantle  James Brenan
Patrick Manion    
Eduardo Perez    
Philip Sedore    
Sydney Stashin Investigating the possible hybridization of the Peggys Cove granite section of the Halifax Pluton, South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia. Richard Cox
Kara Vogler A surficial approach to observing bedforms in the nearshore  Alex Hay
Sarah Vokey Landscape evolution in southwestern Kansas caused by the Pliocene-Pleistocene climate shift  John Gosse
Yuqiu Zhao Tracing the Evolution of Brittle Faulting Through Clay Minerals in the Himalayan Orogen  Djordje Grujic
Catherine Mottram

RESEARCH PROJECT (ERTH 4100) Contact Underfraduate Advisor for information on this option
Emma Besseau Investigating dune formations on the channel bed around Peter's Island in Grand Passage, NS. Alex Hay
Camille Haddad Palynological analysis of offshore Newfoundland, ODP core leg 210. Rob Fensome
Lesley Shea GIS characterization of human disturbance on forested wetlands Peter Bush, DNR
John Brazner, DNR