Hasley Vincent

Ph.D. (Dalhousie University)


Hasley received his undergraduate degree in geology from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica and a Masters degree in Petroleum Geosciences from Imperial College London.

In 2008, he completed doctoral research on the sedimentology of Trinidad clastics at Dalhousie University. In 2009, Hasley was the recipient of the Graduate Student Thesis Award for the best Ph.D, for his thesis, “Cenozoic Sediment Dispersal Patterns across Trinidad, West Indies”.

He has been involved in oil and gas exploration and development over the past 14 years with organizations such as Halliburton, Petrotrin, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs and most recently, BG Trinidad and Tobago. Hasley is an avid field geologist and has led numerous field trips with geologists, engineers and students across the Central Range and Southern Basin of Trinidad.