Dr Ricardo L. Silva

Postdoctoral Fellow


Email: Ricardo.Silva@dal.ca


B.Sc. Geology (Coimbra University), Ph.D. Geology (Coimbra University)

Research: Mesozoic carbonate related sequence stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental/paleogeographical interpretation, and source rock characterization in organic-rich marine and non-marine carbonate/shale series

Personal Page: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ricardo_Silva12/
Curriculum Vitae:
Ricardo's CV [729 KB]

Over the last several years, Dr. Ricardo L. Silva has been investigating aspects of the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal) organic-rich Jurassic carbonate series, integrating several different techniques such as Sedimentology, Geochemistry or Palynofacies. His research is focused in Mesozoic carbonate related sequence stratigraphy, palaeoenvironmental/palaeogeographical interpretation and source rock characterization in organic-rich marine and non-marine carbonate/shale series, including multi-parameter unconventional petroleum systems characterization.

He is now based at Dalhousie University, through a Postdoctoral Fellowship developed in the Basin and Reservoir Laboratory. His research pertains to the study of Triassic–Lower Jurassic continental and marine series in the Nova Scotia offshore, accessing its potential as petroleum source rock.

He has been Researcher at the University of Lisbon (Technician Fellowship, Geology Center), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Invited Researcher, Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group, Environmental Organic Geochemistry research line), and Coimbra University (Researcher and Project member, IMAR-CMA).

Most relevant scientific production

Silva, R.L., Duarte, L.V., Comas-Rengifo. in press. Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of Lower Jurassic carbonate deposits, Lusitanian Basin (Portugal): Implications and limitations to the application in sequence stratigraphic studies. In: Ramkumar, M. (Ed). Chemostratigraphy: concepts, techniques, and applications. Elsevier

Duarte, L. V., Comas-Rengifo, M. J., Silva, R.L., Paredes, R., Goy, A., in press. Carbon isotope stratigraphy and ammonite biochronostratigraphy across the Sinemurian-Pliensbachian boundary in the western Iberian margin. Bulletin of Geosciences (2012 Impact Factor: 1.141).

Cabral, M.C., Colin, J-P., Azerêdo, A.C., Silva, R.L., Duarte, L.V. in press. Brackish and marine ostracode assemblages from the Sinemurian of western Portugal, with description of new species. Micropaleontology (2012 Impact Factor: 0.706)

Silva, R.L., Mendonça Filho, J.G., Azerêdo, A.C., Silva, T.F., Duarte, L.V., 2014. Palynofacies and TOC analysis of marine and non-marine sediments across the Middle-Upper Jurassic boundary in the central-northern Lusitanian Basin (Portugal). Facies. 60, 255–276 (2012 Impact Factor: 1.771)

Silva, R.L., Duarte, L.V., Mendonça Filho, J.G., 2013. Optical and geochemical characterization of Upper Sinemurian (Lower Jurassic) fossil wood from the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal). Geochemical Journal, 47, 489–498.

Duarte, L.V., Silva, R.L., Azerêdo, A.C. (Eds). Fácies carbonatadas ricas em matéria orgânica do Jurássico da Bacia Lusitânica. Novos contributos paleontológicos, sedimentológicos e geoquímicos. Comunicações Geológicas, 100, special volume I. (indexed to Elsevier-Scopus & GEOBASE, EBSCO, GeoRef, SciELO, DOAJ, Latindex e SCIRUS)

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