Why Study Here?

The Earth is our home - the only planet we’ve got. It is the source of the valuable resources we all depend on - water, soil, minerals, and petroleum. What may seem to be as “solid as a rock” can become suddenly dangerous and unpredictable. For those who learn its language, the Earth reveals the history of the continents, the oceans, and life itself.

A hands-on learning environment

Award-winning faculty will guide you through basic concepts ranging from rocks, minerals, and fossils, to plate tectonics and the dynamic processes that shape the Earth inside and out. Our diverse local geology and excellent coastal exposures offer numerous opportunities for hands-on learning and teaching in the field.

We are a small, welcoming department. Typical second-year classes have 40-50 students - you will get to know your classmates and professors well. Our best undergraduates may get the chance to work directly with faculty and graduate students in labs and in the field. Most of our graduates go on to work or study in Earth Sciences and related fields.


We offer four-year and honours BSc degrees in Earth Sciences, which can be combined with Geography, Environmental Science, Ocean Science, and a variety of other subjects. Our honours program meets the requirements for professional registration in Geology and Environmental Geoscience.

We also offer MSc and PhD programs supervised by top-notch Dalhousie faculty. Our close links with colleagues at nearby institutions gives our graduate students access to an unusually broad range of research topics, laboratory facilities, and field areas.

Do you like to travel?

Geologists are famous for finding great scientific reasons to go to wonderful places. Our faculty and students work and study across Canada and around the world.

Career prospects in Earth Sciences are excellent, with exciting job opportunities in industry, government, or academia.

Not only are our B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. graduates in high demand, but many undergraduate students get summer jobs in geology and related fields.