We have purchased a

Royal Sovereign 45" Dual Hot Roll Laminator- RSH-1151


Important information

  • while, I can laminate media on short notice, you must submit your job at least two (2) working days (Saturday and Sunday do not count) before you need the finished product. Lamination is done on a first come first served basis. I will not put your job ahead of others because you waited until the last minute. No exceptions. The laminator requires at Least 1 hour to come up to temperature and is not left turned on between jobs.

  • laminating rate is $2.50 per square foot. A 3 foot (36 inches/91.44 cm) by 4 foot (48 inches/121.92) poster will cost, $30.00
    EXAMPLE - (36 in. * 48 in.) / (12 in. * 12 in.) = 12 sq. feet * $2.50 = $30.00)

  • please, do not submit art that is wider that the laminating media width (see above)

  • we will trim lamination with a 1/2 inch clear border.

  • pick up location and payment details will be emailed to you when print is completed

  • we accept cash, cheque or Dalhousie University grant

  • if using a Dalhousie University grant, a completed Journal Entry form (sample), signed by the grant holder, MUST be submitted when the artwork is picked up. Obtain a copy from your departmental Admin

  • laminated posters will be supplied with a plastic sleeve

  • solid tubes can be purchased from DeSerres on Barrington Street