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EARTH Accolades

(Excellence and Achievement in Research, Teaching, and Helping)

January 2017

Rebecca Jamieson will be receiving the Gesner Medal this year at the AGS. The award is made to a person who has, through their own efforts (maps, publications, memoirs, etc.) developed and promoted the advancement of geoscience in the Atlantic Region in any field of geology; the contribution of the person should be of large enough scope to have made an impact beyond the immediate Atlantic Region; the person does not have to reside in the Atlantic Region or be a member of the Atlantic Geoscience Society; the person must still be alive and active in geoscientific research, although not necessarily full time in the Atlantic Region.

Carla Skinner will be awarded the best M.Sc. thesis award by the CSPG.

Maya Soukup has been awarded the CSPG

SIFT. SIMEW received 45 applications and C. Jorgenson was in the top 3 candidates. The top 2 were sent to PDAC. They commented that they have been impressed by the calibre of Dalhousie applicants in the past 5 years.

May 2016

Anne-Marie Ryan honoured with Teaching Award.

John McCollum 3rd Year Undergrad, has been selected for Geotenerife's volcano monitoring internship in Tenerife, during August, 2016.  This competitive programme draws from applicants across North America, the UK and Europe, with 17 internships awarded to 76 applicants. 

You can see exactly what John and other interns will be doing, and what he will learn, on the Geotenerife website here: http://geotenerife.com/?page_id=3798
His progress, and that of all interns, will be updated via the Geotenerife Twitter feed this summer: @geotenerife.

Earth Sciences Honours Thesis Awards

Folks, it is a pleasure to announce the honours thesis awards for 2015-16.

  • Best thesis mark to Rob Varcoe, for the thesis entitled "Does evapotranspiration ever increase when forests are converted to grasslands?" (Supervisor: Sterling)
  • Best presentation mark to Elliot McLauchlan, for the thesis entitled "The impact of climate change on streamflow in the Blueberry River, Northern British Columbia, and the potential influence on oil and gas development" (Supervisors: Plug/Chapman)

Thanks again to all the students, supervisors, readers, and especially to Lawrence Plug for making this such a great event.


James Brenan
Professor and Department Chair

NOTE: All student theses will be published to our webpage as soon as we receive the final copy.

October 2015

Congratulations to Taylor Campbell, M.Sc. candidate whose article “Interpretation of the Penobscot 3D Seismic Volume Using Constrained Sparse Spike Inversion, Sable Sub-Basin, Offshore Nova Scotia” has been accepted for publication in the academic journal “Marine and Petroleum Geology”.

G. Wach has been providing financial support for the Nobel Gas Lab.

S. Sterling and her lab members gave an interview to the Chronicle Herald on their ongoing laboratory work.

Laura Diamond (Undergraduate) thanked J. Gosse and M. Young for their excellent leadership at field camp.

M. Aali, Ph.D. Candidate received a TOSST scholarship.

A. Corbalan Castejon, perspective Ph.D. Candidate received the Obra Social “l Caixa” scholarship.

H. Kuehn, Ph.D. Candidate is co-author of a paper that will be published in Nature.

C. Bryden and G. Chapman, M.Sc. Candidates were interviewed by a Norwegian paper.

September 2015

Congratulations to Martin Gibling and Milton Graves, who will be retiring on June 30 after many years of outstanding service to our department. We will miss you!

Congratulations to Djordje Grujic, who will become the next Carnegie Professor of Earth Sciences, 2015-20, succeeding Martin Gibling. The award goes to a senior and active Full Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, with a distinguished career in both research and teaching.

Graduate Students:
Congratulations to Cody Paige (supervisor J. Gosse), Dawn Tobey (supervisor M. Gibling), and Taylor Campbell (supervisor G. Wach), who have all been awarded Nova Scotia Graduate Entrance Scholarships for their M.Sc. programmes.


Congratulations to the Dawson Energy team, representing the Dalhousie student chapter of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), who took first place in the Fully Integrated Evaluation and Development (FIELD) Challenge at the EAGE meeting in Madrid at the beginning of June.

Members of the team included Charlie Carlisle, Darragh O’Connor, Connor Wentzell, and Paige Montgomery, who all participated in the competition in Madrid. Ken Martyns-Yellowe was an integral part of the team but was unable to attend the EAGE meeting.

Congratulations also to Grant Wach and the Basin and Reservoir Lab team, who made it possible for the students to attend and who made sure they were well prepared for the challenge.