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October 2013

(Excellence and Achievement in Research, Teaching, and Helping)

October 2013


Mladen Nedimovic and colleagues have a paper in the October 2013 issue of Nature Geoscience (Carbotte et al, Fine-scale segmentation of the crustal magma reservoir beneath the East Pacific Rise, Nature Geoscience, 6, 866-870).

Grant Wach and his students and colleagues are thanked for organising another successful Shell field workshop, Sept. 25-28.

Graduate Students:

Natalie Sanchez (visiting student from Argentina) was awarded an Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarship to work with Isabelle Coutand (October 2013-March 2014).

Carla Dickson (MSc, supervisor G.Wach) has been awarded the Husky Aboriginal Mentorship Award (2013-2016).

Jen Frail-Gauthier has been awarded the Lew King Memorial Scholarship for 2013-14, renewable for one year.

Undergraduate Students:

Awards Day winners:

MacEachern-Ponsford Award - Beth Lymer and Jillian Kendrick

M.J. Keen Award - Carmen Lee and Naomi Plummer

G.V. Douglas Award - Carolina Chang

AUGC Award Winners, 25-26 October:

Taylor Campbell won the CSEG award for the best Geophysics presentation.

Siobhan McGoldrick won the award for the best poster presentation.

Other participants included Ian Borg, Leigh van Drecht, Jillian Haynes, Rachel Milligan, Naomi Plummer, and Carlos Wong.


Graduating Students - October 2013 Convocation


Kurtis Ball Erin Bros
Adam Perryman Kris Thurber
Michael Walsh (Honours)


Kelsey O'Brien


Jared Butler
Alan Hidy