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Sept. 2014

(Excellence and Achievement in Research, Teaching, and Helping)

September 2014


Congratulations to Dr. David Simpson (B.Sc. 1966, Physics; M.Sc. 1968, Geophysics) who will receive an Honorary Degree at the May 21 convocation.  The degree recognizes his extraordinary achievements in scientific leadership and service to society, in particular through his role as President of the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) from 1991-present.


Congratulations to Grant Wach and post-doctoral fellow Ricardo Silva who have received funds (ca $30k) from the Irish Petroleum Directorate to support their research on Source Rock and Geochemistry of the Atlantic Margin. This award will also support the research of new MSc student Charlie Carlisle.  Grant Wach also received funds (ca $20k) from the same source to support MSc student Carla Dickson’s work on overpressure on the Scotian and Irish margins.

Congratulations to Anne-Marie Ryan who has won the 2014 Dalhousie Educational Leadership Award.  This is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the enhancement of university teaching.

Thank you to Grant Wach for organizing a Dalhousie alumni event at the 2014 GeoConvention in Calgary on May14.


Norma Keeping has been awarded the FSG Distinguished Service Award (support staff) this year.

Graduate Students:

Janette Cullen successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis on Monday, August 25, 2014.

Jared Butler (Ph.D. 2013; co-supervised R. Jamieson and C. Beaumont) has been awarded the Jack Henderson Doctoral Thesis Prize for 2013 by the Structure and Tectonics Division of the Geological Association of Canada.

Sharane Simon (M.Sc. supervised by M. Gibling) has been awarded a Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) Foundation award for 2014 and a Geological Society of America Student research grant, both for $1500.

Jennifer Frail-Gauthier won the Dalhousie Sessional (PTA) Teaching Award.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2014!

Ian Borg (Honours – ERTH)                

Taylor Campbell (1st Class Honours – ERTH)

Victoria Desjardins

Justin Fizzard

Mitchell Grace (Honours – OCEA-ERTH)

Logan Harnish

Rhea Hurnik (1st Class Honours – BIOL-ERTH)

Svieda Ma (1st Class Honours – ERTH)

Deirdre Mallyon (1st Class Honours – ERTH)

Siobhan McGoldrick (1st Class Honours - ERTH)

Rachel Milligan (Honours – ERTH)

Jeff Minichiello (Honours – ERTH)

Natasha Morrison (Honours – ERTH)

Colin Price (Honours – ERTH)

Adi Saric (1st Class Honours – ERTH)

Megan Thibault

Leigh van Drecht (Honours – ERTH)

Carlos Wong

Ph.D.:  Omid Aghaei (supervisor M. Nedimovic)

Special congratulations to Siobhan McGoldrick who has won the University Medal in Earth Sciences.  Siobhan has also been awarded an NSERC CGS-M Scholarship to pursue graduate studies at the University of Victoria.