Research Seminar: Assistant Professor Position, Environmental Geoscience - Dr. Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona

Research Seminar
Assistant Professor Position
Environmental Geoscience
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Dalhousie University

Dr. Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, Ph.D.
University of New Hampshire

Title: Transport and Transformations of Carbon and Nitrogen in Boreal Aquatic Ecosystems

Abstract: My research focuses on the biogeochemistry of aquatic ecosystems in boreal regions. More specifically on understating the terrestrial and aquatic linkages as these landscapes have been changing due to natural and anthropogenic influences. For example, some changes boreal regions are experiencing are increased forest fires, recovery from atmospheric acid deposition, and the pressures of increased demand for hydropower leading to construction of hydroelectric dams. These changes will influence the amount, composition, and timing of the inputs and exports of carbon in the form of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as nutrients such as nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P). I am trying to better understand the influence of DOC on N processing in streams and how efficient the microbial community is at taking up nutrients. I am also studying the coupling between DOC, CO2, and water color in lakes recovering from atmospheric acid deposition and what modulates this coupling. And lastly, how DOC, N, and P are transported along a reservoir complex and how these patterns are changing over time. Collectively, these works help us better understand the ultimate fate of carbon and nutrients in freshwater systems



Format: In-person
Milligan Room, 8th Floor Biology-Earth Sciences Wing, Life Sciences Centre, Dalhousie University