Undergraduate Research Prize

The Undergraduate Research Prize is awarded annually upon graduation to students who have made a substantial commitment and contribution to research during their undergraduate programs.

The prize is a non-monetary recognition of learning and contribution through participation in research outside of the classroom—and it is not based on GPA.

The Undergraduate Research Prize will be noted on the student’s academic transcript.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 32 weeks of full time (or equivalent) research experience while registered in a BSc 20 credit major or BSc Honours Faculty of Science program at Dalhousie University.
  • Research conducted as part of a course (e.g., special topics, co-op, experiential learning courses) or as part of an honours project is not eligible.

How to Apply

  • Students should ask each of the faculty members who supervised the research to provide a Faculty support letter [download PDF]. Ensure that the letters reach the departmental contact person. *You may collect the letters, or Faculty members may send the letters directly to the contact person.

Application and letters of support are to be submitted to the Departmental contact person by April 8 of the student's graduating year.