Stepping outside the box

Amanda Stanton, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

A biochemistry student in a French class may seem a little out of place, but for fourth-year student, Amanda Stanton, it is all part of her plan to have a well-rounded undergraduate experience.

“Taking courses outside of the Faculty of Science has allowed me to get to know more people and experience other disciplines,” says Amanda. “It’s important not only from an academic standpoint, but also to become integrated in other parts of the university. It has helped me grow as a student.”

Over the summer, while working in a biochemistry lab as a Faye Sobey Undergraduate Research Award recipient, Amanda again took advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines; something she says will be important for the future.

“While I was working on my research project, I was also involved in the graduate journal club. Students and researchers from all disciplines get to share their projects and ideas. In fact, I worked with students from computer science and philosophy,” says Amanda. “It was very interesting to see what sort of work was happening in other faculties and fields.”

While she has always had her sights set on becoming a doctor, Amanda is open to fully exploring all of her options.

“My summer research experience allowed me to see all of opportunities that are out there and the many paths my education in biochemistry can take me. I’m looking forward to figuring out the future as I finish my last year of university.”

“I’m very thankful for the Faye Sobey Research Award. It’s a very fulfilling feeling to know that my research made a valuable contribution to the field of biochemistry.”