Haley Tomkins, Mathematics


I feel like I can make major contributions in the field of mathematics.

Haley spent a summer conducting research in mathematics, thanks to the Faye Sobey Undergraduate Research Award. Her experience made her grow as a student and communicator which will influence her path forward. Notably, her summer research made her realize her ideas were "more substantial" than she thought. Read her story.

Dan Abarbanel, Physics


As a student, having the chance to be surrounded by passionate researchers was extremely motivating.

After spending time working in a physics lab through the Faye Sobey Undergraduate Research Award, Dan realized it was more than just a summer job. The position gave him clarity on long-term life goals. Read his story.

Hannah Blanchard, Marine Biology and Ocean Sciences

Hannah BlanchardBio

I'm walking away from my summer research experience with a greater focus on what I want to do next.

Hannah's curiosity and love for the ocean drew her to study marine biology and ocean science at Dal. Her summer research helped her realize the elements of oceanography that interest her the most. Hannah received a Faye Sobey Undergraduate Research Award. Read her story.

Michael Mackley, Biology


I wouldn't have been in the position to win the Rhodes [scholarship] if it weren't for the research experience.

When Michael was an undergraduate student at Dalhousie, he spent one summer doing undergraduate research through the Faye Sobey Undergraduate Research Award. Shortly after, he became Dal's 88th Rhodes Scholar and continued his studies with one of the world's most prestigious scholarships at Oxford University. Read his story.

Amanda Stanton, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


It's a very fulfilling feeling to know that my research made a valuable contribution to the field of biochemistry.

Her interest in a well-rounded education took Amanda outside of pure science classrooms and into those in the arts. Her Faye Sobey Undergraduate Research Award allowed her to take her cross-disciplinary interests a step further while experiencing the true nature research collaboration. Read her story.