Experiential Learning Courses

Many students gain significant research experience through an experiential learning course or a non-honours independent research course. These are outside-the-classroom experiences where students may obtain course credit while gaining experience in a real-world setting. Many students obtain their experiential learning credits by volunteering their time to work alongside experienced researchers in a Dal lab, an industrial lab or a government lab.

Students interested in an experiential learning course must first contact an undergraduate advisor in the department offering the course. See departmental webpages for list of advisors.


Experiential Course Offerings

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  

Biology + Marine Biology



Medical Sciences

Microbiology and Immunology



Independent Research Course Offerings (non-honours)


Biology + Marine Biology


  • CHEM 4801  Research Project in Chemistry I
  • CHEM 4802  Research Project in Chemistry II

Earth Sciences

Environmental Science

  • ENVS 4850  Geographic Information Science Research Project


  • MATH 4800   Introduction to Mathematical Research

Medical Sciences

  • SCIE 4101   Directed Project in Medical Sciences I
  • SCIE 4102   Directed Project in Medical Sciences II

Microbiology & Immunology


  • NESC 3001   Directed Project in Neuroscience
  • NESC 3100   Independent Research in Neuroscience I
  • NESC 3101   Independent Research in Neuroscience II

Ocean Sciences

  • OCEA 4302   Independent Research in Ocean Science


  • PSYO 3001   Directed Project in Psychology
  • PSYO 3100   Independent Research in Psychology I
  • PSYO 3101   Independent Research in Psychology II