Launching in September 2020, Dal Science Communities are new program-based groups designed to welcome students to their home departments and programs and connect them with the specific supports and resources relevant to their majors.

Each Dal Science Community has an upper year Student Navigator who will lead discussion groups and host virtual office hours to help you find the information and resources you need at the beginning of the school year. Keep your eyes on your Dalhousie email to learn more about the welcome events being hosted by your program and Student Navigator in the coming weeks.

Connect with your Dal Science Community today! Sign up here.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Student Navigator: Joshua (bio coming soon!)
Connect with Joshua on Microsoft Teams

Biology & Marine Biology

Student Navigators: Bailey (Biology) & Andrew (Marine Biology) (bio’s coming soon!)
Connect with Bailey & Andrew on Microsoft Teams


Student Navigator: Teresa (bio coming soon!)
Connect with Teresa on Microsoft Teams

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Student Navigator: Michael (bio coming soon!)
Connect with Michael on Microsoft Teams

Mathematics & Statistics

Student Navigators: Louise & Sarah (bio’s coming soon!)
Connect with Louise & Sarah on Microsoft Teams

Medical Sciences

Student Navigators: Retage & Luke (bio’s coming soon!)
Connect with Retage & Luke on Microsoft Teams

Microbiology & Immunology

Student Navigator: Alex (bio coming soon!)
Connect with Alex on Microsoft Teams

Physics & Atmospheric Science

Student Navigator: Rebecca (bio coming soon!)
Connect with Rebecca on Microsoft Teams

Psychology & Neuroscience

Student Navigators: Armaan & Darby (bio’s coming soon!)
Connect with Armaan & Darby on Microsoft Teams

Are you a first year student? Learn about our First Year Interest Groups (FIGs) here.