Academic Advising & Support

Dalhousie offers many academic support services available to all students (, including the Bissett Student Success Centre and On Track programs, who can help new students determine their academic goals and program selection. There are also support resources specific to the Faculty of Science.

Academic Advising

All Faculty of Science departments and programs have academic advisors who are available to meet with students individually.

A Dal Science academic advisor can:

  • Help students choose a major or honours program that suits their goals
  • Help students select the right courses
  • Provide advice if students encounter challenges in a course

Find a Dal Science advisor

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Advising Team

Booked through: | (902) 494-6436

Biology and Marine Biology

Undergraduate Advisors (Biology and Marine Biology)

*The Department of Biology maintains an advising schedule, which can be found here.

Jennifer Van Dommelen
Jvandomm@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-1584

Gillian Gass
| (902) 494-8445

Todd Bishop
Todd.Bishop@Dal.Ca | (902) 494 1696

Lara Gibson | (902) 494-8817

Margi Cooper
| (902) 494-8436  

Debra Grantham
Grantham@Dal.Ca | (902) 494 2464

Elizabeth Welsh | (902) 494-7110

Honours (Biology and Marine Biology)

Patrice Cöté | (902) 494-1318

Aaron MacNeil | (902) 494-1731 

Julie LaRoche
Julie.LaRoche@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-4249

Margi Cooper
 | (902) 494-8436  

Co-op and Honours Co-op Coordinator (Biology and Marine Biology)

Mindy McCarville (Biology)
Mindy.McCarville@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-7072

Nancy McAllister-Irwin (Marine Biology)
| (902) 494-3818

Graduate Coordinator

Sophia Stone
S.Stone@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-4541


First-year Advisor

Angela Crane | (902) 494.6143

Undergraduate Advisors

Gianna Aleman (Last names A-D) | (902) 494-3827

Fran Cozens (Last names E-L)
| (902) 494-6582

Peter Wentzell (Last names M-P)
Peter.Wentzell@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-3708

Alan Doucette (Last names Q-Z), Co-op | (902) 494-3323

Norm Schepp (transfer credits) | (902) 494-7055

Graduate Coordinator

Ping Zhang 

Earth Sciences

Undergraduate Advisor
Mike Young
mike.young@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-2364

Honours and Co-op Coordinator
Tarah Wright | (902) 497-1831

First-Year Coordinator
Anne-Marie Ryan | (902) 494-3184

Graduate Coordinator
Yana Fedortchouk
Yana@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-8432


Economics Undergraduate and Honours Advisor

Christos Ntantamis 

Economics Graduate Coordinators

Daniel Rosenblum & Mutlu Yuksel
Econgrad@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-2026

Environmental Science

Academic Advisor
Susan Gass | (902) 494-4530

*Susan Gass will be on Educational Leave as of July 1, 2021

Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator
Ami Mui | (902) 494-4197

Honours and Co-op Coordinator
Tarah Wright | (902) 497-1831



Environment, Sustainability & Society (through College of Sustainability)

essadvising@Dal.Ca | (902) 494-7860

Integrated Science (First Year Program)

First Year Advisor

Gabrielle Tompkins | (902) 494-8496

Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Mathematics and Statistics Co-op Advising:

Jason Brown | 902-494-7063

Mathematics Undergraduate Advisor

Neil Ross

Mathematics Honours Advisor

Neil Ross

Statistics Undergraduate & Honours Advisor

Ed Susko | (902) 494-2257

Actuarial Science Undergraduate and Honours Advisor

Toby Kenney | (902) 494-3896

Graduate Coordinators

Sara Faridi (Mathematics)

Joanna Mills-Flemming (Statistics)


Marine Affairs Program (Graduate Program)

Graduate Coordinator

Jerry Bannister | (902) 494-7132

Medical Sciences

Undergraduate and First Year Advisor

Julie Jordan | (902) 494-1623

Microbiology and Immunology (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Advisors

Don Stoltz | (902) 494-2590

Lois Murray | (902) 494-6933

Nikhil Thomas | (902) 494-8065

John Rhode | (902) 494-7819

Ocean Sciences


Dr. Hugh MacIntyre 

Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Markus Kienast | (902) 494-8338

Physics and Atmospheric Science

Undergraduate Advisor

Phil Bennett | (902) 494-2313

Graduate Coordinator

Theodore Monchesky
| (902) 494-3582

Psychology and Neuroscience

You can find a list and schedule of faculty advisors on the Psychology and Neuroscience website here.



Solving Academic Problems

If you have a problem with a course (e.g., a missed deadline or a poor mid-term grade)

  • Contact your teaching assistant (TA) or professor
  • Contact an academic advisor  

If you’re not sure your program is right for you, contact an academic advisor.

Become a more efficient and effective learner

Dal's Study Success team offers advice, workshops and tutoring for students who wish to improve their academics.

A few reasons to visit:

  • You're attending class regularly but you feel like you're missing important points
  • You feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done
  • You’d like to bring together key concepts in both lectures and textbooks
  • You want to be fully prepared to write an exam
  • You're doing well in your courses, but think you could do better
  • You’ve experienced some academic failure, whether one paper, one assignment, one midterm or final exam, one or more classes

Learn more on the Study Success website.

Student Accessibility and Accommodations

Dalhousie's Advising and Access Services Centre
is the university's centre of expertise for student accessibility and accommodation.

Academic Integrity

Dalhousie University expects all students to be responsible learners, which means that you will complete assignments yourself and acknowledge sources of information and ideas when they are not your own, among other things.  The University Secretariat outlines academic integrity, including definitnion for plagarism, cheating and consequences. Familiarize yourself on their website here.