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Certificate in Materials Science

The Department of Chemistry is a participant in a certificate program offered through the Faculty of Science -- a Certificate in Materials Science.

A Certificate can be completed by a student in a BSc program, in addition to the student’s regular program requirements. Completion of such a Certificate would be noted at convocation, and shown on the student’s transcript.

Materials research has led to many of the major developments of our world, from semiconductors for high-speed communication devices, to replacement body parts. Dalhousie University is a leader in materials research, and we have developed a program to allow our undergraduates to develop expertise in these areas.

The purpose of a Certificate in Materials Science is to show that the graduate has appropriate training in the breadth and depth of materials science, in addition to their BSc program. It is particularly suited for students in Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics programs at Dalhousie University.

Students should enrol in the Certificate in Materials Science by contacting the Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Mita Dasog (mita.dasog@dal.ca). Students can enrol when in their second, third or fourth year of the BSc program, but early enrolment is advised.

Classes to be completed:

During the BSc program, students in the “Certificate in Materials Science” must complete at least four of the following classes, with a minimum grade of B- in each:


  • CHEM 3305.03 (or its former version, CHEM 3303.03): Materials Science
  • CHEM 4502.03: Polymer Science
  • CHEM 4311.03: Fundamental and Applied Electrochemistry
  • CHEM 4302.03: Intro to Surface Science


Earth Sciences



  • PHYC 3303.03: Materials Science
  • PHYC 3900.03: Introduction to Soft Condensed Matter Physics
  • PHYC 4230.03: Introduction to Condensed Matter



In addition, the Certificate in Materials Science students must complete a research project with a materials emphasis (as pre-approved by the Certificate Coordinator) via one of the following sets of classes, with a minimum grade of B-:

CHEM 4801.03: and CHEM 4802.03: Research Project in Chemistry I/II

OR CHEM 4901.06: Honours and Major Research Project

OR ERTH 4200.06: Honours Thesis

OR ERTH 4100.06: Research Project

OR PHYC 4800.03 and PHYC 4850.03: Honours Research Project I/II