Dalhousie Chemistry Faculty and Instructors Get Funded

Several chemistry faculty members were successful in securing NSERC Discovery and RTI grants.

Drs. Mita Dasog, Alan Doucette, Aaron Kelly, Bruce Grindley, and Alex Speed were awarded NSERC Discovery grants for the next five years in the 2017 competition.

Dr. Josef Zwanziger was renewed as a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in NMR Studies of Materials. He was awarded an NSERC RTI with co-applicants Daniel Boyd (Applied Oral Sciences), Jan Rainey (Chemistry) and much input from Ulli Werner-Zwanziger to purchase a compressor for the solid-state NMR lab. He was also awarded an NSERC RTI, Operations and Maintenance Support Grant for Facilities for Materials Characterization along with the co-applicants Craig Bennett (Physics, Acadia University), James Brenan and Yana Fedortchouk (Earth Sciences), Ted Monchesky (Physics), Kevin Plucknett (Mechanical Engineering), and Mary Anne White (Chemistry).

Drs. Mark Stradiotto, Alison Thompson and co-applicants Mita Dasog, Alan Doucette, David Jakeman, Alex Speed, and Robert White were awarded NSERC RTI grant to fund ultra high performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry instrument for high-throughput analysis.

Drs. Angela Crane and Jennifer MacDonald received a grant from the Academic Innovation Fund to purchase Remark ® Office OMR.

Congratulations everyone!