Fall 2022 Biology Seminar Schedule



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WHEN: September 22 – December 8, 2022

WHERE: Departmental seminars are held every Thursday in person (unless noted otherwise) in the 5th floor lounge, Life Sciences Building, Biology Wing, Dalhousie at 11.30 Atlantic Time.

All seminars will also be streamed synchronously on Zoom to provide remote access for those who cannot attend in person. To log onto Zoom please use this recurring link


For asynchronous viewing recordings are made available at our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr54hscxQsx3M287jYFdgvw

If you or your students wish to meet with a visiting external speaker please contact the respective host

Date: Title Presenter:
September 22 Reconstructing the influence lost societies on the environment in the Canadian Arctic Andrew Medeiros,
Dalhousie University
September 28
Special Seminar:
Fish must breathe: an introduction to the Gill-Oxygen Limitation Theory (GOLT)
WEDNESDAY at 330PM, 5th floor lounge and on Zoom
Daniel Pauly,
University of British Columbia
(Host: Boris)
NOTE: Special Seminar: WEDNESDAY at 330PM, 5th floor lounge and on Zoom
September 29 Why size matters for understanding climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and fisheries Julia Blanchard,
University of Tasmania
(Host: Derek)
October 6 The effects of ocean warming on global fish catches Donna Dimarchopoulou,
Woods Hole Oceanographic and Dalhousie
(Host: Heike)
October 13 A brave new ocean: How climate change and predator loss have redefined the ecology and resilience of kelp forests Doug Rasher,
University of Maine
(Host: Aaron)
October 20 Seabirds as sentinels of marine ecosystem health and environmental change Emily Choy,
Mc Gill University
(Host: Myers Lecture Committee)
NOTE: Special Myers Memorial Lecture: Thursday at 7PM on Zoom only
October 27 Understanding whale behaviour and habitat-use using drones and biologgers Sarah Fortune,
Dalhousie University
November 3 On ctenes and choanocytes: tales about the phylogeny of early animals Gonzalo Giribet,
Harvard University
(Host: Jen)
November 17 Avian Reproduction: Back to the Future Tony Williams,
Simon Fraser University
(Host: Glenn)
November 24 Experimental eco-evolutionary dynamics in floating aquatic plants Mark Jewell,
McGill University
(Host: Boris)
December 1  Newfoundland and Labrador ecosystems and fisheries post cod collapse Tyler Eddy,
Memorial University of Newfoundland
(Host: Derek)             
December 8 Lace plant: a road map for developing a versatile model system  Arunika Gunawardena,
Dalhousie University