BSc or BA Major in Marine Biology

The 120 credit hour Major is suited to students who want to focus on Marine Biology, but wish to have a program that is somewhat less constrained than the Honours program. It provides a four-year survey of Marine Biology, and is designed for students not anticipating subsequent experimental graduate-level training in Marine Biology or related disciplines. Marine Biology Majors complete a minimum of 42 credit hours in Marine Biology courses above the 1000 level and do not have thesis (or related) requirements. Research and other experiential learning opportunities are available through laboratories, special topics and experiential courses. Students should plan their programs carefully and, if required, obtain advice from an academic advisor.

A Science Co-op option is available for students enrolled in a 120 credit hour BSc Major program in Marine Biology. SeeĀ Co-operative Education Program.

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Checklist for BSc Major in Marine Biology

Checklist for BA Major in Marine Biology

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Biology and Marine Biology Majors and Minors Availability
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