Seminar Committee

Guidelines for the Biology Thursday Seminar Series

The Seminar Committee has instituted a set of standardized procedures whereby certain arrangements must be made to ensure a professional and enjoyable visit for speakers.


Each speaker is hosted by the member of the department who invited the speaker. It is the responsibility of the host to make sure any arrangements are made in advance of the speaker's visit. Each host is assigned a Seminar Committee Liaison to whom any problems or questions should be directed in regards to these arrangements. If the host is unable to make any of the necessary arrangements please contact your Committee Liason ASAP to ensure the appropriate preparations are made.


Please contact the speaker in regards to the mode of transportation they will need to get here.  For speakers driving in, please see the section below on parking. Please ensure that flight bookings are made well in advance to ensure an economical fare.


For reimbursement, the usual Dalhousie Travel Claim needs to be filled out, receipts attached (including boarding passes, train tickets, bus tickets and/or taxi receipts), and signed by the seminar speaker in order to be reimbursed for costs he/she paid directly. Travel claims have to be signed by one of the Seminar Committee Chairs.

Important: Please remind all speakers to keep their boarding passes and relevant receipts in order to be reimbursed by Dalhousie University.


The following is a list of hotels that provide a special rate for Dalhousie University guests upon request.


For reimbursement, please keep copies of all receipts, fill out a travel claim and have it signed by one of the Seminar Committee Chairs, Patrice or Heike.


The preferred place for entertaining speakers after the seminar is the University Club since the cost of meals can be charged to the club card.  Please see the designated Seminar Co-chair for the card.


Keep a copy of the receipt and on the back of the receipt make note of all people present including affiliations, during the meal and bring the receipt to the Seminar Co-chair. Do not charge alcoholic beverages on the Club card.