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Marine Biology Co‑op Coordinator

Terms of Reference / Duties

  • Advise all Marine Biology Co-op Honours and Majors (50 approximately), about their academic programmes, class selections, grade requirements, etc, and draft academic programmes of study for them in their 2nd year.
  • Receive and review applications in the programme, check grades, request and review transfer courses, meet with Science Co-op office to review the applications and make decisions on enrollments.
  • Monitor grades of the Co-op Honours and Majors in summer each year, and alert them to any problems, put on probation, etc.
  • Maintain the records for all students enrolled in the programme.
  • Review transcripts of Co-op students prior to Spring and Fall graduation and approve “Intent to Graduate Forms” for Registrar’s Office.  In September, review transcripts of graduating students for correct requirements and contact the Registrar with any errors/omissions.
  • Update assessment Guidelines for Science Co-op website.
  • Assist at Marine Biology recruitment events (Open House, Academic Programme Fair, Orientation).
  • Approve suitability of External Supervisors of Honour students.
  • Counsel Marine Biology Co-op students who have problems (full classes, illness, anxiety, financial, emotional, workterm difficulties).
  • Mark Co-op workterm reports, review Employer and Student Evaluations, assign grades for Fall, Winter and Summer Workterms (approximately 10 – 15 students per workterm).
  • Give seminar on Workterm evaluation methods to Science Co-Op class SCIE 2800.
  • Serve on Science Co-op Advisors Steering Committee (meets 1-2 times per year), serve on Honour’s Committee, serve on Curriculum Committee.
  • Select winner of Dr. Ming Fang Li prize annually.
  • Write letters of reference for students (approximately 20 per year).
  • Keep Field class board updated for workterm jobs/courses