Committee of the Whole Membership (COW)

Committee of the Whole (COW) voting eligibilty requirements

  • All full time and part-time (>50%) professors holding regular appointments.
  • All full time and part time Instructors.
  • All sessional Professors and Instructors in the academic year in which they are holding an appointment.
  • All Emeritus Professors and those holding comparable post-retirement appointments.
  • Honorary Adjunct Professors (or equivalent), as selected by those adjunct faculty present at the annual COW meeting, or who have been nominated for that purpose.
  • All full time and part time support staff (technical and clerical) represented by the DSA.
  • Seven graduate students nominated by BOGS.
  • Five undergraduate student representatives as nominated by DABS.
  • Five representatives of the post-doctoral fellows and similar non-permanent research staff.
  • The departmental Administrative Officer.

In 1992, this constituted a COW voting population of about 80 persons. The quorum for the COW is 10 voting members.

COW Motion 747, October 1992.