Marine Biology Course Syllabus

The following courses will be offered in the 2021-22 academic year. 

Note: All courses link to the academic timetable course description.

Course number Course name Term Course Syllabus
MARI 3003 Introduction to Field Oceanography  Summer PDF-644kB
MARI 3042 Molecular Ecology  Fall PDF-216kB
MARI 3063 Resource Ecology  Winter PDF-179KB
MARI 3074 Physiology of Marine Animals, Part I  Fall PDF-221kB
MARI 3076 Physiology of Marine Animals Part II  Winter PDF-182kB
MARI 3090 Marine Mammalogy Winter PDF-491kB
MARI 3101 Microbial Ecology  Fall PDF-203kB
MARI 3221 Diversity of Algae  Fall PDF-191kB
MARI 3301 Invertebrate Biology  Winter PDF-600kB
MARI 3602 Introduction to Aquaculture  Fall
MARI 3602 Introduction to Aquaculture
Winter PDF-213kB
MARI 3603 Practical Aquaculture Winter
MARI 3623 Applied Coastal Ecology Summer PDF-420kB
MARI 3626 Field Studies of Marine Mammals  Summer PDF-507kB
MARI 3628 Marine Ornithology  Summer PDF-696kB
MARI 3633 Spatial Infor and GIS in Ecology
Summer PDF-562kB
MARI 3664 Intertidal Ecology and Diversity  Summer PDF-772kB
MARI 3682 Tropical Marine Biology Summer PDF-376kB
MARI 3685 The Gulf of Eilat Ecosystem: Coral Reef and Subtropical Sea  Winter PDF-96kB
MARI 3761 Marine Ecology  Fall PDF-180kB
MARI 4003 Coral Reefs and Environmental Change Fall PDF-225kB
MARI 4080  Laboratory Studies of Fishes Winter PDF-587kB
MARI 4090 Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Mammals Fall PDF-211kB
MARI 4323 Biologging in Ecology  Winter
MARI 4350 Cutting edge Marine Science Winter PDF-182kB
MARI 4369 Fisheries Oceanography  Winter
MARI 4600
Ecosystem Modelling for Aquaculture Falll PDF-408kB
MARI 4661 Biological Oceanography Winter PDF-196kB
MARI 4662 Biology of Phytoplankton  Winter PDF-152kB
MARI 4665 Hacking the blue planet: scientific & social dimensions of ocean fertilization
Fall PDF-616kB
MARI 4806_07_09
Independent Research I,II, III, MARI_4806_4807_4809
F/S/W PDF-491kB
Ecosystem Modelling for Aquaculture Fall PDF-805kB
MARI 4880_5880 Communicating science for societal impact Winter PDF-304kB