Peter Gregson

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering



Peter Gregson, PhD
Phone: 902-494-6050

Our Group

My laboratory conducts research into new theory, algorithms and computing architectures for computer vision.

We are also conducting research into new computer architectures using analog VLSI. This research is applicable to industrial monitoring, inspection, surveillance and robotics.


Automated detection using computer vision. 
Localization and quantification of pathologies in medical images to assist in detecting disease and quantifying its progression. 


Selected Publications

Wavelet-based image registration and segmentation framework for the quantitative evaluation of hydrocephalus. Luo F, Evans JW, Linney NC, Schmidt MH, Gregson PH. Int. J. Biomed. Imaging (2010).
Selecting and assessing quantitative early ultrasound texture measures for their association with cerebral palsy. Hope TA, Gregson PH, Linney NC, Schmidt MH, Abdolell M. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging (2008) 27(2):228-36.
Organ motion detection in CT images using opposite rays in fan-beam projection systems. Linney NC, Gregson PH. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging (2001) 20(11):1109-22.