John Kozey

Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Health Promotion, School of Biomedical Engineering

Our Group

My laboratory is interested in a variety of topics related to clinical and occupational biomechanics.


Workstation design and physical ergonomics.
Human anthropometry, human reach, reach surface modeling.
Effects of personal protective equipment on human reach.
Physical designs for accessibility.


Selected Publications

Butler, H.L., Hubley, C.L., & Kozey, J.W. (2007). The effect of abdominal hollowing on trunk muscle activation and lumbar-pelvic motion during lifting. Ergonomics, 50(3), 410-425.
Sullivan, M.J.L., Thibault, P., Savard, A., Catchlove, R., Kozey, J., & Stanish, W. (2006). The influence of communication goals and physical demands on different dimensions of pain behavior. Pain, 125(3), 270-277. 
Koshi, E.B., Kirby, R.L. MacLeod, D.A., Kozey, J.W., Thompson, K.J. & Parker, K.E. (2006). The effect of rolling resistance on stationary wheelchair wheelies. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 85(11), 899-907. 
Chester, E. L., Turnbull, G.I., & Kozey, J.W. (2006). The effect of auditory cues on gait at different stages of Parkinson's disease and during "on"/"off" fluctuations: A preliminary study. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, 22(2), 187-195. 
Reilly, T., Kozey, J.W., & Brooks, C. (2005). Structural anthropometric measurement of Atlantic offshore workers. Occupational Ergonomics, 5(2), 111-120.