Cheryl Kozey

Professor, Physiotherapy, School of Health and Human Performance, School of Biomedical Engineering

Cheryl Kozey


Cheryl Kozey, PhD
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My research is focused on bone and joint disorders (musculoskeletal), specifically lower back disorders and osteoarthritis: two of the most prevalent and costly healthcare problem worldwide with particular relevance to Nova Scotia.  A healthy musculoskeletal system is vital for mobility and physical function.  The ultimate goal of my research is to impact the health of Nova Scotians and have a global impact as this problem is highly prevalent in other industrialized nations.

Our Group

My laboratory has been working to understand how muscles are activated to produce forces and movement, and the interrelationships among muscles in both normal and pathological conditions. A key problem has been to determine better ways to accurately quantify these relationships. Statistical pattern recognition, classification and validation procedures have been utilized to examine these relationships in those with primarily orthopaedic problems. Key areas of clinical interest are knee joint pathologies, primarily osteoarthritis and low back pain.


Understanding Knee Osteoarthritis: My team is engaged in a range of research studies designed to better inform practice aimed at maintaining/improving mobility and physical activity and the subsequent health benefits associated with an active lifestyle.
Recurrent Low Back Injury Prediction: The goal of this project is to better understand recovery from a low back injury and to use this information to develop a prediction model for those who reinjury.

Selected Publications

Temporal patterns of the trunk muscles remain altered in a low back-injured population despite subjective reports of recovery. Moreside JM, Quirk DA, Hubley-Kozey CL. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil. (2014) 95(4):686-98.
Reliability of surface electromyographic recordings during walking in individuals with knee osteoarthritis. Hubley-Kozey CL, Robbins SM, Rutherford DJ, Stanish WD. J. Electromyogr. Kinesiol. (2013) 23(2):334-41.
Changes in electromyographic activity of trunk muscles within the sub-acute phase for individuals deemed recovered from a low back injury. Butler HL, Hubley-Kozey CL, Kozey JW. J. Electromyogr. Kinesiol. (2013) 23(2):369-77.
Activation amplitude and temporal synchrony among back extensor and abdominal muscles during a controlled transfer task: comparison of men and women. Hubley-Kozey CL, Butler HL, Kozey JW. Hum. Mov. Sci. (2012) 31(4):863-79.