Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Tuition and basic stipends

All graduate students in the School of Biomedical Engineering receive funding to support their studies. Recent average funding levels for MASc and PhD students were approximately $20,500 and $28,000, respectively. Funding comes from a variety of sources including external scholarships (NSERC, CIHR, NSHRF, NSGS, MITACs) and internal scholarships (FGS, Faculty of Engineering), as well as from research grants held by supervisors. Some students find TA positions to additionally supplement their income.


Canadian citizens and permanent residents:

  • $10,108.29 per year in the MASc program
  • $10,498.29 per year in the PhD program¬†¬†

International students:

  • $16,809.29 per year in MASc
  • $17,199.29 per year in the PhD program

International students must also pay a fee for provincial health insurance. International students are encouraged to apply for permanent residency to take advantage of lower fees.

To estimate your tuition and living costs, please visit the Dalhousie fee calculator.

External Funding Opportunities

You are strongly encouraged to apply for external awards. External funding provides an increase in your stipend, alleviates pressure on your supervisor's research budget and enhances your CV. Scholarships at the graduate level are tax-free in Canada.

All students are eligible for funding support through:

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the following: 

More details on funding opportunities are available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards website.

Teaching Assistantships

Although the School of Biomedical Engineering does not offer an undergraduate program, we encourage you to serve as demonstrators or teaching assistants in undergraduate departments. If you want to apply for such positions, you should contact the undergraduate department directly.

Teaching assistantship wages are in addition to the scholarships outlined above and are for a maximum of 13 weeks per semester. Teaching assistant positions are also available within the department for graduate courses BMNG5210 and BMNG5120.