Sustainability & The Environment

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Explore our range of courses and programs that cover many aspects of environments and sustainability principles. We offer learning opportunities to improve your business' carbon footprint. Find out how you can get certified as a home inspector or seek training in ergonomic management. 

Sustainability and the Environment


We offer a range of courses you can take individually without enrolling in a certificate. 

Corporate Social Responsibility
Learn about the exciting world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the sustainable frameworks used by the world’s largest tech, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and mining companies. Cost: $899.

Creating a Green Business

You will learn how to create a greener, more sustainable business. This includes, developing sustainable practices for waste, water, and energy production and consumption, and how to market your green efforts successfully. Cost: $1,835.

Energy Management and Reduction

You will learn how to monitor energy consumption, calculate and set your starting point for energy sources and how to save energy used by lighting, heating and other equipment in your business. After completing the course, it should take you roughly three months to implement what you have learned. Cost: $695.

Know Your Numbers - Become a Green Manager
You will learn how to understand the information given in your electricity, gas, oil, waste, and water bills in order to establish your business’ current environmental impact. Cost: FREE for a limited time

Waste Management and Reduction

You will learn how to monitor, reduce, and recycle waste to develop an environmentally sound waste management system. You should be able to implement what you have learned within three months of completing this course. Cost: $535.

Water Conservation
You will learn about all aspects of water use and consumption in your business (this can include any hotel, restaurant, or hospitality business). You should be able to implement and see results within two months of completing this course. Cost: $385.

Dalhousie Internal Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
We offer a series of courses in fire safety, laboratory safety, chemical spill response, WHMIS and ergonomics. These courses are open to Dalhousie faculty, staff and students only. 


Sustainable Energy Technologies
As the world fights the effects of the climate crisis, let’s embrace renewable energy, smart cities and the clean technologies that are shaping our future. Taking three 6-week courses, you’ll learn how energy systems work, where they can be successfully deployed, the economic implications, policy directions, and how they will integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT). The courses can be taken individually and the cost of the full certificate is: $3,685.

Module I: Energy Fundamentals
Module II: Wind Energy Developers
Module III: Solar Energy Developers

Ergonomic Program Management
You're enrolling in this certificate because you are responsible for an occupational health and safety program or the creation and management of an ergonomics program for your company or organization. You will learn how to develop an ergonomic program appropriate for your workplace, identify risk factors, and assess its effectiveness at your place of work. This certificate includes four required courses ($795 each). 

Required Courses:
Ergonomics in the Workplace
Office Ergonomics and Workplace Design
Industrial Ergonomics and Workplace Design (100% Online)
Ergonomic Program Design and Integration

Home Inspection
You will gain the core knowledge, technical skills, and communication savvy to inspect all the key components of a home with confidence. You’ll also develop expertise in industry standards and ethics, and in drafting and delivering reports.

Required Courses:
Electrical Inspection
Plumbing Inspection
Communication and Professional Practice
Heating Inspection I
Heating Inspection II
Insulation and Interior Inspection
Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Inspection
Roofing Inspection
Exterior Inspection
Structure Inspection