Public Safety Communicator Leadership

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Public safety communicators occupy a crucial position between emergency responders and the people they serve. You make decisions that save lives—ones that require up-to-date expertise in leadership, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Public Safety Communicators

PLEASE NOTE: This certificate has been revised to better meet  your learning needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

*NEW* Public Safety Communicator Leadership Certificate

(revised from the Certificate in Leadership Development for Public Safety Communicators)

This certificate is designed for individuals in a leadership role or aspiring to a leadership role in a high-pressure public safety communicator context. As public safety communicators, you occupy a crucial position between emergency responders and the people you serve. You make fast-paced decisions that save lives.  Leading in this crucial, dynamic environment requires up-to-date expertise in communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, negotiation and conflict resolution, skills that are acquired through this certificate.

What Will You Learn?

The revised certificate is offered fully online, with three required courses and multiple elective choices.  The practical focus of the courses helps you develop a knowledge base and a range of strategies and skills to manage effectively and successfully in the high-pressure public safety communicator context, including emergency dispatching. You may be required to take up to five electives depending on the course length and the CEUs (Continuing Education Units) required to complete the certificate. 

Required Courses:
Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Critical Thinking, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving for Leaders 

Visit the certificate page for a listing of the elective choices.

Important Information for Current Students of the Certificate

If you have started the previous version of the Certificate in Leadership Development for Public Safety Communicators, you will receive credit for any courses you have completed. Going forward, the three required courses to complete the previous version of the certificate are:

Human Resources Management
Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Elective choices are:
Coaching Skills for Leaders
Ethics in Action
Leadership Dynamics
Mastering Strategy
Organizational Behaviour
Project Management Essentials