Mindful Leadership

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This course is for Dalhousie Faculty and Staff ONLY at no charge.

Mindful Leadership: Leading with Awareness (2021-2022)

Many of the key leadership and core competencies at Dalhousie University can be enhanced by being trained in mindful leadership practices. Being mindful of one’s impact on others and managing thoughts, feelings and actions mindfully is a core competency for all Dalhousie faculty and staff. Working genuinely to build capacity and foster individual, team and organizational development is a leadership competency across the institution.

This short, self-guided workshop with activities will help build these leadership and core competencies. Many thanks to Dalhousie’s Workplace Wellness Grant Program for providing funding for this valuable professional development opportunity.

To learn more about the value of mindful leadership, please watch our Experience Mindfulness at Work webinar on our YouTube channel (recorded October 2020).