What It Is

DalOpen is a project led by the Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development that, in its pilot phase, is exploring its role in a new age of learning. People are seeking more online, self-paced learning, microcredentials, badges and more. The university has a role to play in providing this kind of learning - and that's where DalOpen comes in.

It's a non-traditional way of learning at Dalhousie University that is accessible, flexible, and convenient. 

Already Making an Impact

In February 2021, as part of the pilot project, DalOpen, in partnership with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Faculty of Computer Science, launched a dual enrollment course. This course was offered to high school students in rural Nova Scotia who did not have access to Computer Programming 12. Through this dual enrollment course facilitated by a CP 12 instructor, they were granted a Dalhousie Faculty of Computer Science credit toward their degree and also completed Computer Programming 12. 

Read the full story. 

For more information on DalOpen, please contact:

Tiffany MacDonald
Project Manager (Academic)
Email: tiffany.macdonald@dal.ca

Keiron Lock-Lawton
Project Manager (Operations)
Email: keiron.lock@dal.ca

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