MREM Group Case Studies

Exploring and learning through case studies

In the MREM, the core courses are designed to allow students to explore the important dimensions of environmental management and resource management cases. Understanding the bio-physical, socio-political, and law and policy dimensions will increase the likelihood that successful resolutions to the cases can be achieved. The results of the investigations of the student teams are presented at a workshop in April of each year. Below is a list of the case studies that students covered in the last two years.

April 2015
Rural Nova Scotia: Now and Moving Forward
Alexandra Denis, Jiawei Gao, Allison Kader, Carlisle Kent, Sarah Rosenblat
Proposing a Carbon Tax for Nova Scotia: A Piece in the Climate Change Mitigation Puzzle
Madeline Lawler, Stephanie Maasik, Caytlyn McFadden, Dirk Xanthos
Mink Farming in Nova Scotia
Jasmin Chen, Emma Hoffman, Carolyn Stevens, Katherine Witherspoon, Angie Lynch
Building Prosperity: The Impacts of Modern Shipbuilding in Halifax
David Foster, Jeffrey Janes, Theresa McGuire
Fuelling Change: Poop for Power
Jordan Bell, Meagan Bernier, Rebecca Zimmerman, Brenden Blotnicky, Teresa Burkart
Salt Cavern Natural Gas Storage in Nova Scotia
Afolabi Opanubi, Shauna Pettipas, Lee Pominville
April 2014
Deforestation for suburban development in HRM
Karine Duffy, Shajini Jeganmohan, Larisa Lensink, Sarah Miller, Bethany Paul
Proposed tidal barrage development in Scots Bay, King’s County, NS
Keegan Balcom, Melissa Lesko, Logan Loik, Erik Paige, Amber Stoffer
Hydraulic fracturing of shale bedrock for gas production in NS
Jillanna Brown, Jamie Fraser, Alexandra Ord, Sarah Saunders
Short-rotation crop production for use as solid fuel in NS
Jessica Ellis, Mike McKinnon, Jason Parise, Liane Sandula, Eric Shoesmith
Transportation of liquid fuels to Eastern Canadian refineries and markets
Madeleine Crowell, Jessica Hiltz, Grace Okpala, Caroline Wells, Dustin Johnson
Watercourse protection through riparian ecosystem management in Nova Scotia
Melissa Archibald, Larissa Holman, Titi Onabanjo, Jessica Seward, Lara Slapcoff