MES Theses

Recent Theses Published by our Graduates

Masters of Environmental Studies student interests range across the broadest spectrum of subject matter from natural environment concerns to social issues. 

For a complete list of theses, please contact Brenda Smart at or 902-494-1344.

Theses are also available on Dal Space.

Student Name Title Defense Date Supervisor(s)
Kristina Keilty Understanding Landscape Values and Baselines of Acceptability on the Mactaquac Dam and Headpond, New Brunswick 06/08/2015 Kate Sherren
Margaret (Meggie) MacMichael Exploring the Motivations, Experiences, and Contributions of Young People Moving into Rural Nova Scotia 03/07/2015 Kathleen Kevany
Jessica Cosham Using Local and Scientific Perspectives to Understand Factors Affecting the Distribution of Invasive Green Crab (Carcinus Maenas L.) 16/06/2015 Karen Beazley
Tim Cashion The Fish we Feed Fish: An evaluation of primary production requirements and greenhouse gas emissions of reduction fisheries in the age of sustainable boundaries
12/06/2015 Peter Tyedmers
Sydney Toni Framework for Urban Forest Naturalization 10/06/2015 Peter Duinker
Francois Bregha Contextualizing the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Veliger Growth for Three Commercially Important Bivalve Molluscs 26/03/2015 Peter Tyedmers
Takafumi Osawa Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Selected Species in Three National Parks in Eastern Canada 24/03/2015 Peter Duinker
Amy Buckland-Nicks
Keys to Success: A Case Study Approach to Understanding Community-Based Water Monitoring Uptake in Governmental Decision-making 23/03/2015 Heather Castleden
Heather Elliott
An Investigation into Canadian Student Leaders' Conceptualizations and Perceptions Related to Sustainability in Higher Education  05/03/2015 Tarah Wright
Aiswarya Baskaran Water-Related Ecosystem Services and Water Quality: Farmers’ Perceptions and Practices 17/12/2014 Kate Sherren
Christine Stortini Marine Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Development, Uses, and Limitations as a Tool for Climate Adaptation 11/12/2014 Peter Tyedmers/Nancy Shackell
Simon Greenland- Smith Farmer Perceptions of Wetland Ecosystems Goods and Services 03/12/2014 Kate Sherren
Alia Karim Occupy Gardens? A Case Study of the People's Peas Garden in Toronto, Canada 20/11/2014 Matthew Schnurr
Angela Hersey Using Contribution Analysis to Evaluate U.S. Farm Link Programs: Opportunities to Improve Non-Family Succession of the 'Family Farm' 19/11/2014 Michelle Adams
Lauri Lidstone A Content Analysis of Sustainability Policies and Plans From STARS-rated Canadian Higher Education Institutions 21/08/2014 Tarah Wright
Chris Whynacht Planning a SEA Change: Desigining a Robust Framework for Strategic Environmental Assessment in Nova Scotia 18/07/2014 Peter Duinker
Kent Mader Investigation of Cross Drain Spacing for Forest Access Roads in Forested Wetlands 15/04/2014 Peter Duinker
Keegan McGrath Conceptualizing and Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Biological Production Systems 28/03/2014 Peter Tyedmers