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Tree Inventory in Pugwash

Posted by Peter Duinker on May 12, 2016 in Research
MES Candidate Sophie Nitoslawski (Peter Duinker Photos)
MES Candidate Sophie Nitoslawski (Peter Duinker Photos)

Peter Duinker and a group of SRES students completed an inventory of trees in the Village of Pugwash in October 2015.  Peter and some students returned to Pugwash in January 2016 to present the results of the inventory, and returned again in May to lead a village tree walkabout, plant a red oak tree in Eaton Park, and deliver a seminar on how to increase the tree population in the village. 

This is an excellent example of how Dalhousie scholars can make an impact and contribution to rural communities. Read more in this article posted on the Amherst news Citizen-Record website.