Academic Advising

Faculty Advisor

First-year students who arrive unsure about their supervisor are assigned a faculty advisor. This is a member of SRES faculty who has interests in common with the student, based on the student's statement of research objectives in their application package. The student and their advisor will meet during orientation week, before classes begin, to arrange a preliminary academic program.

After the student and advisor have come to agreement on a likely program, the student takes the suggestions to the Academic Program Coordinator who checks that the courses satisfy the program requirements. The advisor also helps the student in coming to a choice of thesis subject and in identifying possible supervisors and committee members. It is the responsibility of the student to develop a thesis proposal and to put together a committee to guide the thesis work. The advisor is not automatically a member of the thesis committee, although of course this is quite possible.

Thesis Supervisor & Committee

Thesis supervisors continue to assist MES students in their course selections and provide advice and guidance regarding the student's research. They also help to identify possible committee members and work with the student to ensure that all degree requirements are met. Students are not limited to the core SRES faculty; supervisors may be found among the list of honorary appointments, or even further afield.

A thesis committee provides further guidance and expertise for the student's research.  At SRES, committees range in size, typically consisting of between 2 and 4 faculty members. One of these must be a core faculty member if the student does not have one as a supervisor.