Meggie MacMichael


Graduated from MES in May 2015

Educationa l background:

BA Hons Geography

Current position:

Analyst at Nova Scotia Environment 

Background & education:

I graduated with a BA in geography from Mount Allison University and a strong interest in the sustainability of our rural communities. After working and travelling for a year, I arrived at the School for Resource and Environmental Studies to do my MES. During my studies, I worked on a number of research projects with my supervisor and others. Generally, these projects were focused on the sustainability of rural communities and/or food.

How did you get to your current position?

I had worked on various research projects through Dal and other universities. I made sure to keep good records of the skills I acquired and the outcomes I contributed to. In my interview with the Government, I was very specific about these experiences and what I had accomplished. With the combination of analytical thinking, evaluation experience and environmental background, I was a great fit for my current position.

What skills did Dal help you develop? 

The ability to select some courses from other programs was very beneficial to me. Through taking a course in public policy, I was invited to participate in a policy brief competition. My team ended up representing Dalhousie at the national competition. I learned a lot about the policy process and presentation skills that I use in my current position. 

What skill did you learn from your research that helps you today (please feel free to talk about your research project)

My research project was a qualitative analysis of the experiences of young people who had moved into or returned to communities in rural Nova Scotia. The main skills I learned and have applied time and time again are synthesizing information and identifying common themes from focus groups and other sources.

Any advice for future MES students?

Think of every small thing you are involved in as an opportunity to learn something and meet someone. Keep a record of your work and volunteer experiences. Be specific about your role, what you accomplished and anything you learned. This makes job applications and preparing for interviews so much easier!

Last words

As I head to Toronto this weekend for the wedding of close friends I made while at SRES, I'm reflecting on the importance of supporting one another through the long days of writing and re-writing and remembering to not take yourselves too seriously!