Isabelle Caron

Associate Professor


Phone: 902-494-3610
Fax: 902-494-7023
Mailing Address: 
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building 6100 University Ave, PO Box 15000 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Employee engagement and motivation
  • Intersection between public policy and public management
  • Public integrity, control and accountability in public organizations
  • Diversity and inclusion in public organizations


  • Ph.D. (Public Administration) (University of Ottawa)
  • MA (Sociology) (University of Ottawa)
  • BA (multidisciplinary) (Université Laval)

Current Teaching

  • PUAD 5120 - Introduction to Public Policy 
  • PUAD 5170 - Public Sector Human Resources
  • MGMT 5146 - Research Methods
  • MGMT 6650 - Human Resource Management

Selected Publications

Selected publications

CONRAD, C.; CARON, I.; DENG, Q.; Shkurska, O.; Skerrett, P.; Sundararajan, B. (2022). “How student perceptions about online learning difficulty influenced their satisfaction during Canada’s Covid-19 response” British Journal of Educational Technology, 53(3), 534-557.

CARON, Isabelle & SAVARD, Jean-François. (2021). « Mise en œuvre intégrée des politiques d’équité en matière d’emploi : le cas du gouvernement fédéral canadien » [Integrated Implementation of Employment Equity Policies: The Case of the Canadian Federal Government], in Bazinet, André; Boudreau, Christian; Charbonneau, Michèle (eds), La collaboration organisationnelle, Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval : 101-127.

CHARLEBOIS, S.; SMOOK, M.; WAMBUI, B.N.; SOMOGYI, S.; RACEY, M.; FIANDER, D.; MUSIC, J.; CARON, I. (2021) “Can Canadians afford the new Canada’s Food Guide? Assessing Barriers and Challenges” Journal of Food Research, vol. 10 (6): 1-22.

BOYD, B.; WESLEY, J.; ROUNCE, A.; LEVASSEUR, K.; CARON, I. (2021). "The Public Servant's Role in Democracy." Canadian Public Administration, vol. 64, (3), 1-16.

SAVARD, J-F.; CARON, I.; BROCK, K. L.; SHEPHERD, R. P. (2020). “Teaching Public Administration in Times of COVID-19: Some Preliminary Lessons Learned” Canadian Public Administration, 63 (3), 528-533.

CARON, Isabelle. (2020). “L’évolution de l’exercice du contrôle dans l’administration publique fédérale canadienne” [The evolution of control in the Canadian Federal Public Administration]. Canadian Public Administration, 63 (1), 34-52.

CHARLEBOIS, Sylvain; SOMOGYI, Simon; MUSIC, Janet; CARON, Isabelle. (2020). “Planet, Ethics, Health and the New World Order in Proteins” Journal of Agricultural Studies, 8 (3): 171-192.

CHARLEBOIS, Sylvain; CUNNINGHAM, Caitlin; CARON, Isabelle; MUSIC, Janet; SOMOGYI, Simon (2019). “A Review of Food Recalls in Canada: A Nationwide Survey” Food Protection Trends, 39:4. 317-325.

CARON, Isabelle & ROBERGE, Ian (2018). “Budgeting and Financing” in Craft, Jonathan & Clarke, Amanda (eds). Issues in Canadian Governance. Toronto: Emond: 167-181.

ROUILLARD, Christian & CARON, Isabelle (2016).  “Les nouvelles formes de domination dans la bureaucratie” [The new forms of domination in the bureaucracy] in Emery, Yves & Giauque, David (eds). L’acteur et la bureaucratie au XXIe siècle. Quebec: Presses de l’Université Laval: 275-302.