(Panel) Science and the Public Sphere: What is Science Literacy and What is Its Public Value?

This panel will be live-streamed/recorded via the School of Information Management Facebook page

Panel members
Daniel Cressey, Deputy Editor, Research Fortnight, London
Linda Pannozzo, Author and Journalist, Halifax
Shelley Denny, Director of Aquatic Research and Stewardship, Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources, Eskasoni
Karen Traversy, Member of the Public; Clam Bay, Nova Scotia

Panel Chair
Ian Stewart, History of Science and Technology Program, University of King’s College, Halifax

Environmental Information: Use and Influence Research Program, Dalhousie University (www.eiui.ca)
MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance (https://www.dal.ca/mipp)
School of Information Management, Dalhousie University (https://www.dal.ca/sim)
Office of the President, Dalhousie University (https://www.dal.ca/dept/senior-administration/president.html)
School for Resource and Environmental Studies (www.dal.ca/faculty/management/sres.html)
Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University (www.dal.ca/faculty/management.html)
Faculty of Science, Dalhousie University (www.dal.ca/faculty/science.html)
Nova Scotian Institute of Science (http://nsis.chebucto.org/)


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Alumni Hall (1st floor, New Academic Building), University of King's College, 6250 Coburg Road

Additional Information

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