Series: Decolonization in the IM Professions

2021-2022 Lectures

This is an open lecture series, co-sponsored by the School of Information Management (SIM) and the Centre for Executive and Graduate Education (CEGE), Dalhousie University. Everyone is welcome! Keep an eye on this page for info on future events.

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Raising Our Hands: Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Relationality in LIS (Kayla Lar-Son)

Lecture details:

Tuesday, September 14 @ 1pm ADT

Virtual via Brightspace Collaborate. Click this link to join. Read instructions above before accessing.

Kayla Lar-Son, Indigenous Programs & Services Librarian, X̱wi7x̱wa Library (UBC)

This lecture is an open classroom taking place as part of the course, INFO6610/MGMT4611 Information Policy taught by Dr. Jamila Ghaddar at Dal’s School of Information Management. Everyone is welcome! Stay tuned for future events!

Register: Please send your full name and any accessibility concerns to

Abstract: LIS institutions have long been the stewards of Indigenous cultural materials including Indigenous stories, Knowledges and Indigenous research that may or may not have been ethically conducted. But are libraries actually the best stewards for these collections? In this talk we will explore the concept of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and how it relates to libraries, as well as discover ways in which libraries can work with Indigenous communities to evaluate our own institutional priorities and procedures to develop culturally appropriate data protocols, and repatriate digital and non-digital collections.

Biography: Kayla Lar-Son is Metis and Ukrainian settler and originally from Treaty Six territory. Currently she is the Indigenous Programs and Services Librarian for X̱wi7x̱wa Library at the University of British Columbia, and the Program Manager Librarian for the Indigitization program.

Sponsors: This speaker series has been generously sponsored by the Master of Information program and the Master of Information program at Dal’s School of Information Management. 

Lecture Resources:

  • Maggie Walter, Raymond Lovett, Bobby Maher, Bhiamie Williamson, Jacob Prehn, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews and Vanessa Lee (2021) Indigenous data sovereignty in the era of big data and open data. The Australian Journal of Social Issues 56(2):143-156
  • Stephanie Russo Carroll, Ibrahim Garba, Oscar L. Figueroa-Rodríguez, Jarita Holbrook, Raymond Lovett, Simeon Materechera, Mark Parsons, Kay Raseroka, Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear, Robyn Rowe, Rodrigo Sara, Jennifer D. Walker, Jane Anderson and Maui Hudson (2020) The CARE principles for indigenous data governance. Data Science Journal 19(1):43

Contact: Dr. Jamila Ghaddar at